a little bit about me…

attempted self-portrait
attempted self-portrait

Well, I suppose that not everyone visiting this site will already know me – at least eventually! So with that in mind, here’s the precis: I was born… just kidding. Most important – I find myself with more spare time than usual just at the moment and so have started this blog up. I think that may not be unique given the current economic climate. At any rate, the point is to make something good out of something bad whenever possible! Also, a kitten has fallen asleep on my lap and so I have to stay here until she wakes up – could make for one long post! Maybe I will post some kitten pictures at a later date. If you need a fix of cuteness in the meantime, don’t miss out on www.cuteoverload.com – it’s ridiculous!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

2 thoughts on “a little bit about me…

  1. Oui, moi je te reconnais et j’aime beaucoup ce que je vois.

    Je t’embrasse Tendresse Janine ( belle-maman…! )

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