a little about the art…

cat with fruit
cat with fruit

A friend asked if these images were done on the computer or if they were done by hand and scanned… These are “computer paintings” in that every step from the original rough sketch to the final colour fills and any filters applied to make a cool effect is done on the computer. My laptop is an HP tablet PC and so I can draw right on the screen. I’m not especially computer-y but I really like this one! I got it last fall – with the insurance money after my last laptop was stolen (another example of something good coming from something bad) Anyway, above, you’ll see an early example – one of my first attempts to use Gimp. I highly recommend the programme! There’s lots there which I have still not explored and yet you only need to learn a few basics to get started. Yeah Gimp! In the image above, there was a rough sketch layer done in a contrasting colour – likely brown. This gets turned off later. Then outlines are drawn to provide the boundaries to the colours and the colours are selected and filled in. I finished off with a filter called oilify.

The only art I have uploaded so far which is not computer art is under the “about green tea doodles”. It is an example of the acrylic on water colour paper I was doing a couple of years ago after I got back from Taiwan.

I will be out of town for a few days – down at the farm – and so off line. I’ll be back next week!

image (cc) 2008 Hilary Farmer


4 thoughts on “a little about the art…

  1. That’s another very nice drawing! You already use GIMP quite skilfully. You mentioned having still a lot to explore in that programme. Here are a few tutorials worth reading: http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/

    The Beginner and Intermediate sections cover a lot of interesting techniques.

  2. Thank you! I looked at the tutorials which I thought looked interesting a while ago – however, I may look again. Some other approaches may be more helpful now that I am quite comfortable with the basics.

  3. I imagine that you are having no problem at all filling your suddenly augmented spare time. You must be having a gret time letting your creative side have free reign, and nice not to have to worry about the cost of the paints!

    A lovely comtemplative illustration for Li Bai’s Moon, and now I would like to see more!

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