my favourite Taiwan teashop

favourite Taiwan teashop
favourite Taiwan teashop
Chen Yuting, friend and tea mentor from Taiwan
Chen Yuting, friend and tea mentor from Taiwan

I was in a lovely local teashop recently (Camillia Sinensis) and saw a magazine I’d never noticed before called “The Art of Tea”(Cha Yi). I decided to buy it for the long ride on the train the next day and because it had an article on the Taiwanese tea ceremony which I had studied a bit when I lived there a few years ago. As I was perusing it on the train I started thinking about a particular tea shop I used to visit there once or twice a week. It was located just off Art Street on the outskirts of Taichung. The woman who ran the shop had a lovely, calm feeling about her which permeated the shop as well. She sold tea but most of the shop was devoted to tea pots, cups and all the other accoutrements of the tea ceremony. The space was dominated by a large table from which she would serve a sample of whatever she was brewing at the moment. Whether this was your first visit or you were a regular, you were welcome to take a seat and chat over the tiny, steaming, fragrant cups. There was always some interesting Chinese music playing in the background. Those visits are some of my favourite memories of Taiwan. As I was reminiscing, I turned another page, there she was! So I have included the picture from the magazine as well as an old photo of the shop. Oh yes, her name is Chen Yu Ting

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