some favourite webcomics

Over the past couple of years, I admit to having gotten rather hooked on certain web comics.- it’s a kind of guilty pleasure. Granted there’s lots of – for lack of a better word –  schlock out there. However, there are some gems which are witty engaging and visually interesting. Sometimes all three. I wanted to share a few favourites. Most of these appear to be doing quite well but who still can’t use another boost – to both ego and exposure?

XKCD – this does not fall into the visually incredible category (although I don’t think I’ve ever seen stick figures as evocative as in this web comics) The humour is geeky and there are certainly jokes which go over my head from time to time. A friend with a PhD in physics says those jokes are hilarious too. Anyway, check it out – you may be surprised what stick figures can get up to.

Questionable Content – the story can be surprising and tickles my funny bone. The creator has come a long way in terms of drawing and style if you look at the early strips… Anyway, I have had the good fortune to watch a simultaneous update where he demonstrated creating the comic from start to finish. Incredibly, the whole thing barely took more than an hour. He really has his skills down! There is some questionable content though so some people may not appreciate the humour!

Crimson Dark: This is a completely different style both in content and drawing. The drawings really suit the story being told which is a pure sci fi offering something along the line of Firefly for those disappointed by the cruelly short life span of that series. His updates are a bit slow but it’s no wonder since everything appears to be computer modeled.

The Abominable: This is a totally charming strip using only animals to tell the story. Here the Abominable (snowman) is a kind of idiot savant who follows his dreams but is not understood by the other animals who go on with their silly-funny, all too human lives. These are some of the most expressive faces on the web today – notwithstanding that they are animals!!

Here’s my current contribution to the genre – as you can see the issue of coming up with a good story could be an obstacle!

the character tries to work out her own dialogue
the character tries to work out her own dialogue

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


4 thoughts on “some favourite webcomics

  1. I do NOT thank you for those links! Questionable Content in particular promises to be a major time-waster ’til I get caught up! 🙂

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