Buson’s warbler

Buson's warbler

Buson's warbler

A few days ago I mentioned the haiku written by Buson on his deathbed. The haiku referred to Wang Wei of the plum blossom poem previously posted with my painting. I found it particularly touching so here it is again with the image that came to me. I have posted two versions of the haiku – the one which I found and a version by Tom Radcliffe which respects haiku formalism. My illustration subtly refers to Wang Wei by bringing in a hint of plum blossoms. Hope you enjoy!

winter warbler;
long ago in Wang Wei’s
hedge also

winter warbler sings;
long ago in Wang Wei’s hedge
she sang for him too
(Tom Radcliffe)

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


5 Responses to “Buson’s warbler”

  1. I really like the way the background goes out of focus. Do you build the image in layers, back to front?

  2. greenteadoodles Says:

    Thanks! Yes, I do build it up in layers and some of the effect is a result of that – but some of it is also a result of “painting” after the layers are merged. I sharpen some (foreground) items and soften some (background or not as important) items. I also added the blue of the sky at the very end to get the effect of light coming through the branches.

  3. i love your haikus and graphics!

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