between classes…

between classes

between classes

I thought I’d share a drawing I did a few months ago. (You may notice that my style has already changed quite a bit since then.) It’s a funny little drawing though and I thought other people might find it fun too.

You can imagine what you like about the characters but I think the guy in the foreground has a crush on the girl in the red skirt but he’s too shy and geeky to say anything… she’s getting impatient! The blond woman in the background must be the art teacher. She’s thinking, “Iambeautiful.”

image (cc) 2008 Hilary Farmer


2 Responses to “between classes…”

  1. Maybe just because of the style, or because I’m weird, I see it as a continuation of the story of the woman in the Hall of Doors:

    “After her Machiavellia upgrade Belinda found Rodney’s post-cerebral behaviour so dull that she began visiting the school wing of the manor, wondering which of the children would supply the best donor brain…”

  2. maybe a bit of both… lol

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