more favourite webcomics…

It has been a while since I shared favourite webcomics. Here’s the link to my first set of favourites.  There are lots of comics out there – so there are sure to be some which especially speak to you – so check them out once in a while and see what’s new! The only downside is the time you will spend chuckling at your computer. Here’s a link to one of many sources for popular webcomics.

Since my previous webcomic post, I have discovered a new favourite – a softer world. It is pretty idiosyncratic and can occasionally jar but other times (or sometimes at the same time) it is just hilarious. The format is strange to start with – just photographs with some text superimposed which either makes some twisted sense of the images or gives a strangely tortured and humourous juxtaposition. You definitely need to have a particular way of looking at things to enjoy this one. Don’t forget to check the hover text to get the last laugh – or, ohhh…weird!

Gunnerkrigg Court is a curious and sweet little comic. It is not especially funny but quite interesting. The setting is a strange school… I’m still not quite sure what the students study there… some form of strange magics and sciences. Mostly, it’s a voyage of discovery following the main character as she learns more about the school and her own past.

I’ve been thinking about trying to create a webcomic myself – it will definitely take a while to get it together so in the meantime, here is a possible scene.

at the park
at the park

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


4 thoughts on “more favourite webcomics…

  1. I am steadfastly refusing to click on any of those links, having burned far too many (highly enjoyable) hours catching up with Questionable Content!

    I find “A Softer World” so-so. Edgy and funny at times, but bordering on predictable. It reminds me a little of the comic “Alex” that used to run in the business section of the Globe, which was about a bunch of City bankers manipulating their way through life–kind of a Dilbert for finance types. It was funny on first encounter, but after a while you figured out the key, and it ceased to surprise… most of the time. It was still fun to read, though.

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