poor kitty in a cone…

cone girl

cone girl

Poor kitty Ying has to wear a cone for two weeks until her stitches come out. She is really not impressed!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


6 Responses to “poor kitty in a cone…”

  1. That’s totally how Ying was looking at me tonight! :o)

  2. Merlyn Says:

    As Curtis would say… “So cuuuuuuuuto!” Heh heh! Taking our big cat Min for a full-body shave today. Should be funny… Will send you a picture.

  3. Poor kitty! He mustn’t feel very dignified after being shaved!
    Ying still has 6 days to go with the cone.

  4. Leslie Says:

    Hope Ying is bearing up with dignity. I recenlty saw a photo of a small dog, wearing one of these cones and facing up toward the sky. the caption for the photo was…..”I sure hope it doesn’t rain!”

    • LOL poor dog!

      Ying has become very agile with her cone. She leans in the sink and lets the tap water run around the cone so she can lick the run off…

  5. Yes, perhaps she’ll miss her built in water displacer when it’s gone… for about ten seconds!

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