Basho’s morning glories…

Basho's morning glories

Basho's morning glories

The morning glories
bloom, securing the gate
in the old fence

Rounding off the week with a classic Basho haiku. A moment in time is marked by the juxtaposition of something relatively eternal or old – the gate – by the “of the moment” – transient flowers. Morning glories are a particularly apt symbol of the temporal, as the flowers bloom only for a few hours before fading and dying.

Enjoy each moment this weekend!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


4 Responses to “Basho’s morning glories…”

  1. I really like the luminosity of the flower’s interiors, especially the lower ones–they actually seem to glow!

  2. Leslie Says:

    Beautiful, Hilary, and very good advice, all for free!

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