Today’s doodle – spring beauties…

spring beauties
spring beauties

We were walking through the park yesterday and saw some trilliums in bloom. It started me thinking about the wild flowers I used to see when I was young. In particular, there were some called spring beauties which we would see every year in the woods near our home. There would be so many of them that it looked like a light dusting of subtly pinkish snow had fallen and carpeted the ground. These tiny flowers came out quickly in early spring pushing up through the dead leaves and got all their flowering done before the trees leafed out anew blocking all the sunlight to the forest floor. I thought that they were quite common but I haven’t seen them in years – then again, I don’t live in the countryside anymore!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


2 thoughts on “Today’s doodle – spring beauties…

  1. HJF, I have been browsing your website ever since you had mentionned it to me. The work on this site is absolutely beautiful! Your missives that follow the the drawing are an added bonus. Keep going & thank you! MCD

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