Issa’s cat dines out – part 3…

catch of the day

catch of the day

Caught red-pawed!

Issa’s cat is caught!
But a cat may look a king
right in the eye.

Poetry thanks again to Tom Radcliffe in the comments! There is also an interesting commentary there if you want to check it out.

On another note, you can see the adventures of quite a different sort of animal when a camel gets feisty with a bucket on cute overload. It’s pretty amusing – don’t forget the hover text is more than half the fun!

This sequence now available en français on Le 12!

Image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


2 Responses to “Issa’s cat dines out – part 3…”

  1. Issa’s cat is caught!
    But a cat may look a king
    right in the eye.

    “A cat may look at a king” has changed meaning over the years. In the 16th century, when cats were less loved than today, it was taken to mean that a lowly person could still look on at grand people. By the 19th century it was being used to mean that a cat could do things that people weren’t supposed to, above petty human conventions like getting takeout through the appropriate entrance.

    I think you’ve caught that look cats give us when we really stop making sense, like expecting them to obey our rules.

  2. I was wondering what you were going to come up with for this one – I love the interpretation… and the bonus history lesson!!

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