Issa’s cat – my fish!

my fish!

my fish!

Mutual interests
are the foundation of love
but this is my fish!

Following on with the Issa’s cat story, a new haiku from Tom Radcliffe inspired the above comic. Perhaps though, there’s a little regret in that backwards glance – or maybe just confirming a good decision. I think she was only into him for his fish anyway!

This is number three in the Issa’s Cat series. To see them all, click the Issa’s Cat comic category on the side.

Now on Le 12 as “Mon Poisson!”

Image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


2 Responses to “Issa’s cat – my fish!”

  1. radtea Says:

    I like the different perspectives in the three frames, and the way the narrative structure follows the haiku.

    Maybe he’ll encounter her in some future instalment, fishless this time, and get a different reaction!

  2. I guess we’ll see…
    I was pleased as well with the changes in view points and particularly the close-up in the second frame. Glad you like it too!

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