sometimes things don't quite work out the way we thought!
sometimes things don't quite work out the way we thought!

As some who follow my blog have noted, I haven’t been posting quite as often as before. There’s a logical explanation for this – aside from the obvious one that now I’m “gainfully” employed again, there isn’t as much time for other more fun activites… It’s summer! And in the Canadian summertime, it’s good to spend as much time outside as possible enjoying the sun and short-lived warmth! Yes, I know I grew up here and should be used to it but after living a couple of years in Taiwan, I still haven’t become re-accustomed to the short and often not particularly warm summers here! All that to say that I am spending more time outdoors doing things like tai chi these days…

Another solution would have been to take the laptop to the park. Back a couple of months ago when I did this little drawing, I was thinking wouldn’t that be lovely… and it would – if I had a different laptop I guess! This one is practically useless outdoors. It is impossible to see anything on the screen except the reflected surroundings even when sitting in the shade. I like everything else about this HP tablet PC though so I’m still happy with it.

So, with all the other interests and pursuits I have, I will likely be posting at most twice a week for the rest of the summer. As the days get shorter, I will pick up the pace again. Thanks for dropping by!

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