wading bird…

wading bird
wading bird

Today I felt like drawing this sandpiper. Sometimes it would be nice to have his sense of knowing where he’s going and why! He’s very purposeful. Aside from that, I’ve always enjoyed watching them (in nature shows only unfortunately – I’ve never actually seen a live sandpiper…) They inhabit an interstitial zone between land and sea – a bird on the border.

On another note, check out this link to The coming storm by an artist kind enough to put me on her blog roll – thanks!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

8 thoughts on “wading bird…

    1. Thanks! That part was a challenge – I had to make it obvious that he wasn’t walking on water and yet still have the reflection of the bird in the shallow water.

  1. Lovely image! I can’t believe you’ve never seen a sand piper! You’ve caught the sense of it very well, and the reflection in the sand/water is excellent.

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