the cause of all those sonnets?
the cause of all those sonnets...

Time for another plug for the Sonneteer. This time the illustration is Adelia, the focus of all those sonnets! She is a mix of qualities and it took me a few tries to come up with an imaginary portrait that I was happy with – and that TJ was also satisfied represented her tom-boyish beauty. Here’s the latest sonnet which speaks to Adelia’s looks…

You’ve made a few remarks about your looks
that seem to me at odds with simple fact
so I’ll enumerate a little book
of features that delight me, front to back:
Your short-cut curls of gold, your honey skin,
your wide-set eyes of deepest, clearest blue,
your strong, athletic and so lithesome limbs,
your balanced form, symmetrical and true.
It would be pointless to essay compare
with summer’s days or other abstract concepts;
your beauty is a concrete thing, so rare,
a balance of so many lovely percepts.
Yet still the whole is more than each small part
You soul brings unity to nature’s art.

sonnet (c) 2009 Tom Radcliffe

Romance aside, the sonnets are managing to comment on politics, history and pure science at a rate almost unbelievable given the restrictions of the medium. So if you find any of the above intriguing, check it out – most enlightening!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


3 thoughts on “Adelia…

  1. Thanks for the plug! This really is a lovely image, and I deeply appreciate the work you put into, especially given my somewhat fickle requirements!

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