nap time
nap time

Today’s doodle… always pleasant to have a cat nap – although not necessarily pleasant to nap with a cat – lol. One of our cats is very well behaved and you would hardly know she’s there, while the other likes to give head butts and knead any exposed flesh with her little needle-like claws… The above is meant to be the peaceful type of nap time though!

Speaking of cats and napping, check out the new “Simon’s Cat” animation – Fly Guy It’s pretty hilarious!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

2 thoughts on “companions…

  1. Lovely image, and extremely funny animation!

    I’ve had something climbing on my roof at night lately–I think maybe a raccoon–which has resulted in much mayhem as Yogurt has tried to get out to attack it (while being safely protected by the screen in the window, without which he’d no doubt be cowering downstairs!)

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