tam tam park…

last taste of summer...

last taste of summer...

It seems as if summer has hardly had a chance to really get started and here we are at September! I did have a wonderful two week break – a chance to catch up with old friends and retrain my body in the tai chi I used to practice more diligently than I have been recently… new incentive to get serious again! I feel much fitter and stronger than I could reasonably expect from just a short – albeit intensive – period of training.

I will be getting back to drawing and regular posts soon but for this week a few images drawn before but never posted. Today, to celebrate summer before we need to get out jackets and boots, the tam tam park in Montreal. It is one of the best casual outdoor events in the city in the summer. The gatherings take place regularly on the weekends with drummers and other musicians coming out of the woodwork and everyone who thinks they can dance (and some of them really can)! You can join in or just have a great background to your picnic.

Image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


6 Responses to “tam tam park…”

  1. Welcome back!

  2. Beautiful, vibrant image! As nice as it was to see you, I’ve missed your blog updates! 😀

  3. Wow! I love this one, it has been a while since I have been to your page, keep it up. You inspire me!

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