today’s doodle… the blue chef’s hat

happy chef
happy chef

Since I drew a girl in a red chef’s hat some time ago, a friend back in Taiwan has wanted me to do her portrait in a similar hat. Unfortunately, I am not good at portraiture and so the result looks like her only in the most general sort of way… besides, with the hat on, I had to show her hair tied back – flying all around like usual didn’t seem to have the right feeling with the hat! … so maybe that’s why it looks more like an older sister at best – oh well!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

6 thoughts on “today’s doodle… the blue chef’s hat

  1. Not good a portraiture!? You did a terrific job with Sheewash the Cat, catching not only her outward appearance but her prim inner character! You clearly need to think of people as cats, and you’ll have it down! 😀

    And I’m pretty sure the model for “Studying…” was Max, and if I can recognize him from a few lines in a back view you’ve done a very good job of capturing the subject. So none of this “I’m not good a portraiture” nonsense!

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