watching tv…

watching tv with a cat for company
watching tv with a cat for company

A while ago, I posted a drawing called “companions” which showed a woman taking a nap with her cat. A friend challenged me to do another image of the same woman, this time in front of the tv. Here is the result. It is very low res, unlike the first image so it has a much rougher quality however, I think it is recognizably the same character so that much is a successful experiment.

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

4 thoughts on “watching tv…

  1. That poor woman is very ill! I think she felt better when she was going to nap next to her cat, a few doodles ago. Maybe she is addicted to TV, but at the same time, the movie she is watching is moving so fast, it’s making her nauseous. Betrayed by her own TV. Poor poor woman.

    Beautifully drawn, BTW.

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