why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 13

the pill of immortality

Indeed, Houyi’s immortality would only doom his subjects and their descendants to unending torment. So Chang’e kept certain things secret…

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Originally, I had thought that there would be about ten parts to this story… now I think there will be almost double that. Still, I am trying to complete it before the solstice – it is supposed to be an autumn tale after all!


why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 12

true mages

Well, most of the true mages fled to the mountains… Little did Houyi know that the truest mage was under his nose all along – yes, you’ve guessed it! Chang’e!

Now when they were first married, Chang’e would have done anything for her husband. However, as time went on, it became clear that giving him the elixir of immortality would not be beneficial for anyone besides Houyi himself!

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why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 11


So Houyi searched day and night, forcing all the wise men of the land to give him their secrets. The ones who knew nothing came to court seeking reward while the true mages fled to the mountains.

It’s a peach – but is it really the peach of immortality? (Scroll down on the link to where it says “Asian tradition” if you don’t know why a peach is so special…)

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why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 10

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read faster!

Having begun to have thoughts of his own mortality, but liking immensely the life in which he now found himself, Houyi began to spend all his time and effort trying to find the secret to immortality. This may sound crazy today, but there were strange possibilities awaiting persistent seekers which can no longer be found in our modern times.

I don’t think the king’s chief scholar is very impressed at having to read through all the archives so quickly!

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kitty doodle…

kitty doodle
so... when's dinner?

I have been drawing so many rabbits lately that the cats may start to feel neglected! So here’s a sarcastic cat for your pleasure… feel free to suggest alternative comments for him to say!

Still on the topic of cats, if you haven’t already seen this hilarious talking cat, take a look! Honestly, I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard.

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cartoon girl…

HJF 20081122 cartoon girl
cartoon girl

Hey! Here’s a little infill… this sketch is from about a year ago – the style is pretty different from what I’ve been doing lately!

I decided not to post another Rabbit on the Moon until I have put the next page up on le 12 – which this month will actually be on the 15th instead of the 12th… so more rabbits next week!

Here’s another good web comic I’ve started enjoying – Red Moon Rising – I’m really not sure where the story is going – although it’s engaging – but at this point, it’s really the art that is exceptional. You can see the exploration of the medium with various results – all beautiful… I think – anyway, check it out!

image (cc) 2008 Hilary Farmer