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As close to sending Christmas cards as I’m getting this year! Happy holidays everyone!!

image (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer


why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 18

looking up

Crouching under some trees, Chang’e gazed up through the branches at the moon which had become full that very day. She had been feeling strangely drawn to it for many weeks now. Footsteps were approaching.

image and text variant (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 17

out the window

Houyi lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. Chang’e left the room and walked swiftly with silent steps to her study. She knew that despite it being the result of years of research, she must destroy her own work. As she gathered up the tools and potions to render the pill useless, she suddenly heard a sound at the door. She snatched up her satchel and with her rabbit, fled through the window into the garden below.

Well – Happy Solstice! I had meant to finish the story today but that’s not going to happen… I rewrote the ending and now there will be a few more images to complete the whole thing. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

I forgot to mention when I posted yesterday – this is 100 posts!! Yeah me! 😀

image and text variant (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 16

you are feeling very sleepy...

After her initial distress, Chang’e calmed and focused her energy. “My darling, you are right, I do have the elixir but it was to be a gift for you at tomorrow’s… important ceremony. Since you have waited so long, one more night cannot matter. So now…you…will…go…back…to…sleeeeep…”

image and text variant (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 15

he knows!

Finally, one day Houyi did find out. We’re not sure how – maybe under great stress, she spoke in her sleep… perhaps it was simply Houyi’s paranoia… we’ll never know. However, she could tell right away that he had changed towards her when she awoke to a dagger at her throat and the words, “Where is it? I know you have it! You can’t hide it from me forever!!”

image and text variant (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

To quote the Princess Bride… “she does not die at this time…” I only say that because certain people were concerned when they saw this image!

A recent (to me) web comic which took a few frames to get into but I have decided has one of the greatest visual imaginations out there… please check out Rice Boy. I know – not the catchiest name but trust me on this and… there’s a good archive to keep you busy enjoying the intriguing story line and even more intriguing vision.

why there’s a rabbit on the moon – part 14

false alarm

…and she determined to never let Houyi find out about the elixir of immortality she had made… but every day the risk of discovery grew greater.

image and text variant (cc) 2009 Hilary Farmer

I had meant to publish this last week but – well – it’s a very busy time of year! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I like how the rabbit turned out… he’s all “elixir? I don’t know what you’re talking about” lol