a sleepy Sunday doodle…

sleeping cat

The mood of a quiet Sunday afternoon.

It is nice to have the freedom to draw anything I want without having to stick to a story line… Although that was fun too, I think I may do random doodles for a while before starting another project!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

4 thoughts on “a sleepy Sunday doodle…

  1. Your loyal readers will simply make up stories to connect the individual doodles:

    Not long before he had awakened with a cat licking his face and meowing. He couldn’t remember where he had been the night before, or recall how he had got to bed or why he had slept so late. All he knew was that his apartment had been cleaned out–the cupboards were all empty. There wasn’t even any cat food!

    He’d rushed outside and headed over the Mountain, wearing his favourite toque, which the mysterious thieves had left behind.

    Meanwhile, his cat curled herself into a nearly perfect sphere, that being the shape that had the best surface-area-to-volume ratio for staying warm. Because what the man in the toque hadn’t realized was that the thieves had stolen the thermostat as well, and the apartment was beginning to get colder…


      1. I’m thinking that silk cushion looks suspiciously like a magic carpet! Maybe that’s what the thieves were really looking for, but the cat was sleeping on it and they were allergic…

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