through the looking glass?

through the looking glass...

Just another whimsical doodle… Let’s see if Tom in the comments can tie this into the story he started with the last doodle!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


5 thoughts on “through the looking glass?

  1. The man took off his toque and sunglasses as he entered the strange little shop he found at the foot of the Mountain. He had no recollection of it being there, but the sign said, “Avoir Tout Sous la Main”, and below in smaller letters “We Have Everything Handy.” It was a strange little place, indeed packed with everything imaginable, including, incredibly, cat food.

    At the counter near the door a wizened old woman sat behind the ancient black cash register. There was a mirror over the counter, and as he carried his purchases to the cash he glanced at his reflection, almost dropping the tins on his feet when he realized there was a red-haired woman looking back at him…

      1. The images of trees were specifically located on the Mountain, or at least inspired by it, so I figured I ought to keep the location!

    1. I love it! the gauntlet was very gracefully retrieved! You might have added, “an apparently naked and tattooed”, red-haired woman – lol! but I guess the red hair was startling enough on its own 😉

      1. I wasn’t sure if he could see the tattoo, and I was assuming she was wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse. But I didn’t specifically say she wasn’t naked, so I can still use that! 😀

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