seeing things?

seeing things?

I couldn’t resist following up on the story Tom has been creating in the comments. Let’s see where this goes!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


4 thoughts on “seeing things?

  1. As he stared at the woman in the mirror he realize she was naked… nice tits he heard some irrepressibly masculine voice from dark corners of his mind comment calmly–and her bare skin was dappled with tattoos. He moved his head back and forth, and the reflected… reflected?… image followed him. Then it grinned at him.

    He dropped the cans of cat food on the counter, and the stepped back from the counter. The little old woman punched the cash register with a loud ringing of bells, and said, “That will be $4.97, s’il vous plait.” Her voice was dry and reedy. He fumbled for his wallet and handed her a bill, keeping his eyes focused on his hands. Not waiting for change he swept the cans off the counter and stuffed them in his jacket pockets, turning to leave as rapidly as possible.

    But he couldn’t resist another glance in the mirror. The woman was still there, still smiling, still looking right at him. She reached out a hand and gestured with her fingers: come here.

    He looked from the old woman behind the counter to the young woman in the mirror. Despite the difference in age, and clothing, the similarity was obvious. Mother and daughter? Grandmother and granddaughter? Or the same woman in two different times? Anything seemed suddenly possible.

    “I have to get back to my cat,” he said hoarsely, but felt himself stepping around the counter as strong bare arms reached out for him…


      1. And yet I am strangely confident that kitty will find warmth and cuddles and food. I wonder if the apartment has a mirror? Or a rabbit hole? 🙂

        It occurred to me this morning that you left the mirror in this image blurred, and were probably thinking the man would be wondering on second glance if he’d really seen anything, thus the “Seeing Things?” title. Oops! I’d had a long day of writing code and building robots, is my excuse! (mentoring the FIRST Robotics team at KCVI–good fun.)

  2. Well, I wanted it ambiguous so that there could be a choice there… hence the question mark! I’m now thinking that the cat may be a regular visitor to this shop which his owner has only just discovered!

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