another sleeping cat…

sleeping cat

Another Sunday and time for another sleeping cat… Is there perhaps a connection with last week’s sleeping cat? Maybe. Let’s hope Tom in the comments continues to tie it all together for us!!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


7 thoughts on “another sleeping cat…

  1. “Thank heavens you’re here!” the naked red-headed tattooed woman said as he stepped through the mirror.

    He felt dizzy. Disoriented. He had walked around the counter in the odd little shop and taken the hand that seemed to reach out of the looking glass. It had pulled him forward and he had gone with it, his senses blurred. There had been a strange quantum tugging at his clothes and then he was here, on the the other side.

    He felt the strangest draft, and looked down at himself.

    “Uh…” he said. He was never at his best after teleportation to an alternative universe. “I’m not wearing any clothes.”

    The woman turned her face away from him briefly, although not so fast that he didn’t catch the look of distaste that flashed across it. “We don’t use that word here,” she said primly.

    “Wearing?” he guessed.

    “C. L. O. T. H. E. S.” she replied, each letter ejected with a force that suggested she wanted them as far away from her as possible.

    “Clothes?” he asked, rather stupidly.

    “Please don’t say that word!” she cried, looking away again. “I knew you’d be a pervert, but… well… I’ve always been considered quite open-minded, and I’ve even spent some time in your world and worn… THEM… myself, as you saw in the shop. I just never got used to how, well, causal you people are about them. Flaunting them. Whole industries based on them. It’s not natural. It’s not right.”

    He grasped the tiny fragment of her speech that made sense, reflecting that on any other day it would probably count as odd. “So that was you… the old lady in the shop?”

    “Well, not me, exactly, but one of my Aspects.” She shook her head to dismiss the questions that were looming up in his face. “There’s no time now. You have to come with me!”

    She turned and led the way through a mirror on the other side of the room, which he realized was very much like the shop he had just left, but less cluttered and more modern. This wall would have been covered with shelving in his… shop? Universe?

    The scene in the mirror looked nothing like the room it should have been reflecting. It was an apartment living room. It seemed somehow familiar. A cat was curled on an armchair.

    The red-headed woman grabbed his arm and pulled him toward the mirror. There was no feeling of resistance this time as he stepped through.

    The apartment was warm and cozy, and he realized it was identical to his own. In fact, it was his own, or would have been if he’d been a good deal wealthier and had had much better taste in furniture and decor.

    The big calico tabby was sleeping soundly, and didn’t so much as wiggle a whisker to acknowledge their presence. Apart from the difference in colouring it could have been the twin of his own cat, curled up in a different chair in an identical location back in his own apartment.

    “My cat!” he cried. “I must get back to my cat!”

    “Don’t be worried, Professor” the woman told him. “You already have.”

    1. Thanks Tom! What a wonderfully creative linking! love it! Max just suggested that I will now have to draw some naked people in order to continue the story… we’ll see! lol

      1. Glad you like it!

        The thought about naked people did cross my mind! 😀

        You were the one who introduced them–I’m just carrying the ball you passed me, although I’ve got to admit to a certain amusement at being able to toss it back in this particular form.

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