surreal koi pond…

surreal koi pond

Sometimes when I start drawing, I really have no idea what it’s going to end up like – this was one of those times! Perhaps I am being subconsciously affected by the strange fact that the most common search that finds my blog is “the meaning of koi”! because of this post from a while back. Go figure. Anyway, it is possible that this scene is in the world of the story being written by Tom in the comments – I am hoping that it is warmer there than our dimension’s Montreal winter for obvious reasons!!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

4 thoughts on “surreal koi pond…

  1. “My cat?” he asked, looking at the contented feline. “But… I thought you said this was another universe!”

    “It is,” she told him. “More or less.”

    “More or less?”

    “Except for the cat.”


    “Look, Professor, you obviously know about Schrodinger’s famous thought experiment, involving a quantum cat that’s neither alive nor dead?”


    “Don’t pretend you haven’t been running experiments in your lab with a beam of carbon atoms to try to create an atomic analogue of the effect.” Her voice was stern. “Well you succeeded. And both this universe and your own are a consequence of your work.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “Scientists!” she said, exasperated. “Did you ever think that not messing with something you don’t understand might be a good idea?”

    “Don’t be ridiculous. If we didn’t mess with things we didn’t understand, we’d never understand anything!” he told her. “Besides, I bet you appreciate science when you go to the dentist.”

    “Hmph,” was her only reply, then she asked, “And what was the source of the carbon atoms you used in your experiment?”

    “Ah,” he said.

    “Ah, is right. Your cat.”

    “So… Yang is the centromere of the two universes?”

    “That’s right, although here she isn’t a tomcat, and her name is Yin. She–or he–is the singularity, the place where the two worlds come closest to touching. Effectively, she is a god, maybe even THE god, in both of universes. Our scientists don’t fully understand it, although fortunately they’re much smarter than you.”

    “Not smart enough to have created a whole universe,” he said a little smuggly.

    “But maybe smart enough to save one.”


    “Well, there will only be one when they come back together.”

    “Will it be this one, or my own?”

    “That’s one of the things we don’t understand. It will probably be some kind of interference pattern, we think, but we don’t know what that means. Individually, our worlds are extremely homogeneous: yours is everywhere staid and conservative. Mine,” she gave a smug piroutte, emphasizing her freedom from clothing, “is perfectly liberal.

    “When they come back together it will probably be some mix, but people will think it’s always been that way. The closer to the epicentre the more perfect the mix will be… here in Montreal, conservative traditionalists will live beside new age hedonists, and neither will think it odd. There may even be individuals who are both conservative traditionalists and new age hedonists, whatever that could mean. Further away, things will be more divided, with pockets of bohemian liberality scattered amongst a sea of rigidly intolerant conservatism.”

    “Yin and Yang,” he said, finally figuring it out.

    “The feminine and masculine principles from Chinese philosophy,” she confirmed.

    “That’s ridiculous!” he cried. “Don’t tell me all that nonsense about quantum theory and Eastern mysticism is actually true!”

    “Sorry, Professor… it looks like reality is contradicting your biases. Tell me again what a scientist does when that happens?”

    “Hope the editor of Phys Rev sends you the paper to review so you can kill it, if I know anything,” he muttered cynically, but then added, “You clearly know a lot more about this than I do. What must we do to bring the worlds back together? And what does Yang… err… Yin… the cat have to do with it?”

    “The first problem, we’re working on. The second one is more immediate. Because like I said, in the split universe, your cat may very well be god. And god has dreams…”

    The man looked aghast at the sleeping cat, which began to twitch slightly, and then stood up, its eyes closed, clearly still asleep. It climbed up onto the back of the chair, and perched there, looking down intently as if studying something. The man followed the cat’s gaze, and realized the floor was becoming… watery. Even as he watched a koi pond materialized, complete with live fish. The carpet simply stopped where the ornamental edge of the pond began. He stepped back in horror, wondering what would have happened if he had been standing in the wrong place.

    “I rather liked that carpet, but least it’s only koi this time,” the woman said. “Yesterday it was rats.”

    1. I’m speechless! Dare I say genius!? I love the way you tied everything together right down to the koi! and as far as the two universes go… we know we have safely combined back into one – because that describes Montreal exactly lol
      …but how will that happen and how will the story end? and what random image will I draw next to provoke the (perhaps) final episode??

      1. Oh god yes please make it the final image! 😀 I’m having an absolute ball with this. Can you tell? I’m delighted you like it! I’ve had no clue what I was going to write until I saw the next image, and while I have some ideas as to where the story may go next, it all depends on what curve you throw me!

        But between mentoring the kid’s FIRST Robotics team, “work” and not one but TWO other writing projects I’ve got on the go I’m getting a little frazzled! Yet as soon as I see a new image here the ideas begin to rise in my mind like mist over a swamp, and I feel compelled to write. Like Oscar Wilde, I can resist everything but temptation.

        Have we talked since Christmas? I’m almost 70,000 words into the novel about the nature of stories (my writing discipline is a minimum of 1200 words per day, seven days a week, come hell or high water–and overage one day does not count against the next day’s total. I don’t think you’ve ever seen me in full-on obsessive mode, as it’s only been recently that the kids have been old enough for me to feel comfortable doing it. I tend to scare people when I’m like this.)

        The writing is going well and I’m really enjoying it, although some days I hate hate hate what I’ve written (today was one–I was compelled to go back and edit it, which I try not to do. It was an experiment, it failed, and I fixed it. But it sure was ugly in the short time I allowed it to live.)

        At the present rate I’ll have a viable first draft sometime around May or June, which I’ll then cut down and reorder into something considerably less bulky to foist on my friends and loved ones in the fond hope that they’ll give me honest and incisive feedback 🙂

        Been a bit depressed lately (winter, Carrie not being here, winter, “work” and winter) but the last week or so has been pretty good: keeping busy is my friend. Been thinking its time to do some meditation, too, although I find it far easier to do with open water in the offing, and still everything’s ice here.

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