gazing towards far off shores…

what's out there?

Another random doodle today. Something about this pictures makes me think of Scotland… maybe she’s gazing after her highland chief… although in the poem which comes to mind, everything ends rather badly for all concerned. For some reason, the only verse I remember is the second last of fourteen.

‘Come back! Come back!’ he cried in grief,
‘Across this stormy water;
And I’ll forgive your Highland chief,
My daughter!- oh, my daughter!’

If you want to read the whole tragic tale, it’s called Lord Ullin’s Daughter. When I found this link I also found out that this poem is one of the top ten requests at the Scottish Poetry Library. On checking out that site, I got a kick out of the featured poem there by the poet of the month, John Hegley, called “An Address to potential aliens”

Isn’t the internet wonderful!?

Just to be clear, this isn’t meant to be an illustration for the poem – it’s just not stormy enough! Maybe it’s the day before… and why is she wearing a Fair Isle sweater? That must be an anachronism lol!

OK, enough links for a while!!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


3 Responses to “gazing towards far off shores…”

  1. One of my favourite Scottish poems. This one doesn’t end badly for all involved… only the English!

    The verse you remember is the emotional climax of the poem, which is probably what makes it memorable.

    The “woman looking off into a darkening sky” seems to be a common theme in Scottish art–I think it has something to do with everyone there wishing they were somewhere else!

    • Yes, it is the emotional climax but also I remember an uncle repeating that verse in a sing-song rhythm which rendered it slightly comical… and also impossible to forget. I think he had been made to memorize the whole thing as a child.
      Perhaps I could do a whole Scottish series of 1/4 faces and sky… lol

      • Either Jan or her mother has an image in precisely this pose–same long hair, same sky! You’ve tapped into something deep in the Scottish psyche! 😀

        I like the use of textures in this image–I’m not just into it for its Scottishness.

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