plum blossom haiku…with cat!

kitten catching plum blossoms

Something a little different graphically today for me. Enough of snow and cold! Time for spring! Here’s another haiku by Issa in 1813 – I like that cats feature prominently in his work – must have been a great guy 🙂

by the farm cat…
plum blossoms

If someone wants to suggest alternative phrasing…

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


9 thoughts on “plum blossom haiku…with cat!

  1. Lovely image. I really like the style. And you know I can’t resist temptation:

    Small farm cat snatches
    Plum blossoms swirling downwind
    Warm springtime dancing!


      1. *blush*

        I’m trying to translate it to English but I can’t find a wording that pleases me. Here is what I have so far:

        A tiny kitten
        chasing after pink petals
        Plum trees are blooming

  2. Max: I can’t reply to your comment for some reason, but I was thinking that French may be a better language for haiku than English. In general I’ve liked your translations of my haiku more than I liked the originals–something about the rhythms of the language.

    Just as the Alexandrine–the staple metre of French poetry–don’t work in English, maybe haiku simply work better in French!

    1. I think it’s just because I’m only set up for 3 layers of nesting in the comments…
      Interesting theory on English versus French haikus but I have heard some great English ones too and some of them by you!

    2. Sometimes, in one specific language, one stumbles upon a phrase that resonates so well while evoking more than one meaningful ideas. If per chance it is possible to translate it while keeping all those qualities intact, one experiences translator bliss. Most of the time, however, a translator is trapped in what the Italians coined as : “Translator, traitor” (i.e. “Traduttore, traditore”).

      I enjoyed translating your haikus. I think I prefer the originals but I was happy to be able to remap them as closely as I could.

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