today’s doodle – what if…

Cindy Lou who??

I have come down with one of those spring colds… blargh! and hacgh! anyway, as a result I have not been doodling and so I was looking through old doodles for something to post and found this one. Did Cindy Lou Hoo grow up evil?? She looks strangely Grinch-like!… very suspicious hmmm…

…checking out the poetic response in the comments is highly recommended!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

6 thoughts on “today’s doodle – what if…

  1. For all the Who’s down in Whooville
    Lived in fear
    Lived in doubt
    They locked all their doors
    When Cindy Lou was about!

    She was nasty and skanky
    Loud, raucous and mean
    No one dared cross her
    Lest there be such a scene
    as never a Whovillian
    could in mem’ry recall:
    she’d scream and belittle
    and make them feel small
    until all who had wronged her
    (at least in HER eyes)
    slunk away, so embarrassed,
    until, one day… a surprise…


    [Sorry to hear about your cold!]
    poetry (c) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

      1. I dunno! Maybe if I had another image for inspiration! πŸ˜€

        I suddenly have an understanding of the nature of jazz…

    1. No rush! Especially when you’ve got a cold.

      There’s some guy who composed a symphony that takes a thousand years to play–on that scale this is like the minute waltz!

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