what if – part 3…

googly eyes...

And we’re off on another crazy literary romp led by Tom Radcliffe in the comments… Thanks Tom!

I thought we’d just pause before heading off to help out the Grinch with his home decorating troubles – or whatever it was. Obviously Cindy Lou wanted to get dressed up to impress the handsome stranger – and his morse… I think they make a cute trio!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

2 thoughts on “what if – part 3…

  1. “Well hello there,” said Cindy, with big googly eyes,
    “The Grinch wants a hand, I’m hardly surprised!”

    Meanwhile with a push she told her little dog Big
    “Go get bows for my hair, my best blouse, and my wig!”

    “I’ll just be a moment,” she said to the man.

    “Then I’ll water my morse,” he replied while she ran
    and quick-changed herself into her finest stuff
    returning in moments with oats for McDuff!

    She patted the morse with nerves all aflutter
    her brain seemed to melt like summer in butter
    while the stranger looked down and smiled a small smile
    when she asked him, “Why don’t you just sit for a while
    and tell me about who you are, where you’ve been,
    adventures you’ve had and people you’ve seen?
    This Who-ville is small and its people are dull–
    they think Cindy Lou’s just a coarse greedy trull!
    But I yearn for the city, for life and for lights,
    a place where the sidewalks don’t roll up at night!
    You’ve travelled to countries exotic and new
    Sit down and describe them, please, yes, oh please do!”


    Will we see where the stranger has been? And somehow I think that when Cindy Lou says the sidewalks in Who-ville roll up at night she really means it!
    poetry (c) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

    1. …and here I was thinking I had forgotten to to have Big in the scene – when actually he had been sent on an errand!
      I like “her brain seemed to melt like summer in butter” great line! and you’re leaving all kinds of scope for exotic locations… now let’s see…

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