what if – part 4…

completely dazzled!

After reading Tom’s most recent Seuss-ian poetic offering (see previous comments) I immediately had this image in my head of Cindy Lou listening enthralled to tales from the stranger’s travels. I have a sketch from one of those tales started as well, but even though I’m having way too much fun doing these drawings, one per day is all I can manage!

Here’s a link to a random amusing strip from Patches. (Maybe particularly amusing for some of my friends…) Enjoy!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

8 thoughts on “what if – part 4…

  1. While the little dog Big sat down by her feet
    the stranger told Cindy, “There was one place quite sweet…
    I was through there last Thursday… or was it last year?
    It can be hard to tell in my business, I fear.

    “The folk in that city they’d make your hair curl,
    at least if it wasn’t already, my girl…
    They ran up and ran down their high towers so tall
    and none of them blinked if they happened to fall
    for each had bright wings strapped tight on their back
    to make up for all of the lightness the lacked.
    For those people were made out of stone come to life!
    Their skin was so hard it’d turn back a knife
    and if they had fallen so far to the ground
    they’d be shattered in pieces and strewn all around!
    But their wings would just glide them down torrents of air
    ’til they landed so gently they’d not turn a hair
    though they’d scream out so gleeful, all through their fall,
    you’d swear you’d go deaf if you heard them at all!”

    “Tell me more, tell me more!” cried Cindy in wonder,
    “I’m amazed by this tale of these people of thunder!”

    “That’s not the only amazement I’ve seen,
    let me tell you of folk who are known as the Bleen…”


    I’m having a total blast with this! Looking forward to seeing your idea of where he’s been!
    poetry (c) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

    1. Wow you’re fast! This is great fun!!
      Now I have the dilemma of wanting to illustrate what you just wrote but i think we should keep moving forward… I can always go back and fill in the gaps for “the book” lol (actually this could make a great book…)

      1. Since you mentioned you had an idea for something the stranger has seen I figured that whatever it is it will be the “Bleen” mentioned in the last line here (the term “Bleen” has a long philosophical pedigree to do with the ontology of imaginary attributes, as well as appearing in a George Carlin schick about “scientists have discovered a new number, called ‘bleen’. It occurs between six and seven…”)

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