what if – part 7…

alternative craft

Tom’s last poem left the Grinch, the stranger and the morse at the top of a cliff contemplating a sea voyage in a strange ship. I couldn’t resist putting this image down. Hope you like the ship! I see her as a sentient being who makes her living ferrying the occasional adventurer across these remote waters… Let’s see what Tom makes of it all 😉

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

4 thoughts on “what if – part 7…

  1. The stranger, he paused and then he went on,
    “That ship, she had seen such incredible dawns
    and departures throughout her long lonely life
    of sailing through storms and fierce pirates and strife–
    for unlike all other fine ships on the sea
    she sailed on alone, without crew, and free
    of anyone’s guidance but her lonely own
    across the wide ocean where whalatuns moaned
    their songs of enchantment, their songs of despair,
    their songs of lost maidens, so lovely and fair!”

    “My goodness,” said Cindy, “so many poor souls
    who wander the oceans and ride the wave’s rolls!”

    “Soon enough we were joined to those swelling ranks,
    escaping the Slinch, giving Coracle thanks,
    for that was the name of our little ship
    who stretched high her mast, so down we did slip!”

    “But McDuff could not climb!” said Cindy, aghast,
    “He could not slide down the high-reaching mast!”

    “A morse has great powers… just how I can’t say,
    but quick as a fiddle we were down and away!
    Good Coracle’s oars pulled hard and about,
    ’til we cleared the stone shore with a great joyous shout!

    But now our adventure had really begun
    for soon a strong current had started to run
    that swept us along to an island unknown,
    where there lived the bird-people, call Broga-dan-oan!”


    Kinda forced your hand with this one! Absolutely LOVE this image, and the idea for the ship. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks Tom! I had fun with this one too! Maybe the magical morse found the stairs in the cliff?? But I like the idea of the ship extending her mast much better! I can always remove the stairs from the image later.
      Telling a story in poetry form seems like it’s easy when you do it! I love the use of nonsense words. This last seems a bit Celtic perhaps… hmmm off to new places – fun!

      1. I’m viewing on my netbook, and the browser cuts off the right edge of the image–at least that’s going to be my excuse for missing the stairs! I’ll stick with a bigger screen in future!

        The Broga-dan-oan definitely sound Celtic to me, as well. Now all I have to do is wait for you to show us what they’re like… or maybe we’ll see something of their ocean adventures first!

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