what if – part 8…

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish?

I didn’t realize until I had finished, that I had almost recreated another famous Dr. Seuss moment! Technically, it’s a pink fish and there is one extra fish peaking in from the top corner but otherwise…

I actually had a personal adventure with a flying fish – while sailing in the South Pacific… I was on night watch and something hit me in the face!! You can perhaps see why I might picture them as threatening lol – in fact, they are quite charming and benign. Mine are more like flying pyranhas 😀  I hope the little ship and her passengers (if you’re following the story in the comments) get through this mini adventure without any bites.

OK yet another random Patches just because – well it is pretty amusing!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


5 thoughts on “what if – part 8…

  1. “What a terrible name!” young Cindy-Lou cried,
    “The sound by itself makes me want to go hide!”

    “Oh, they’re pleasant folk, when everything’s said
    although they’ve been known to see blue as red
    and pink as chartreuse, or the other way ’round…
    which we quickly found out ain’t as hard as it sounds!
    For as we drifted toward that distant isle
    the sea boiled with colours, mile after mile
    of flying piranhas, each chasing the other,
    all snapping and biting, I swear that I’d druther
    have swum the whole way if it meant to avoid
    that sea of fierce fishes, intense and annoyed!”

    “But surely such sights should be treasured in mind!
    If I were to see them I’d go happily blind
    knowing my eyes had been filled with such things–
    not ugly old buildings and beds made of strings!”

    “These eyes have seen sights I’d rather forget
    although on that day there were stranger things yet…
    for one fish came aboard, and two quickly followed,
    a pink fish bit red, a blue fish was swallowed
    by one of its cousins of green, iridescent,
    while others arced over our boat in a crescent
    that stood like a rainbow across the bright sky…
    so lovely they were, those piranhas’s that fly!

    “And chasing the lot was a whalatun pod
    whose flukes horizontal were really quite odd
    when paired with the vertical fins of their tails,
    half tuna they were, yet clearly still whales!
    A taste for those fishes of colours diverse,
    was clearly a hunger they had bad or worse.
    They swam past us in droves while we drifted along
    serenaded our ears with their deep lonely song!”


    Took a little more time over this one!

    1. Love it :-D!
      Although I had been planning to draw the whalatuns for the next image and now you’ve already talked about them 😦 I may still do it – or they may not be whalatuns but something else!

      1. Hey, go ahead and draw them! I’ll take the opportunity to fill in some other parts of the story in poem–I’d love to see your image of them!

  2. I wanna see a Whalatun! Mommy! Mommy! Make the nice lady show me a whalatun! Or I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue! (Now, that’s more a W.Wonka moment! *grin*)
    The coloured fish is just the perfect next part! Bravo!
    And since you began with an evil-looking C.L.W….it only fits that there be evil-looking fishes.

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