what if – part 9…

too much traffic!

The little ship is a bit concerned about all the traffic out there. I’m not sure that the whalatuns are exactly as per the poetic description in Part 8 but that’s how they came out! As usual for this series, stay tuned for the poem to come in the comments from Tom Radcliffe.

For a change of pace, here’s a link to a particularly interesting piece of art, Blank Stare. The artist has a whole series of paintings of people looking at art. (Click “home” to get to her main page to see more.)

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

6 thoughts on “what if – part 9…

  1. Curiously, I was leafing through a book in the market today and came across an image of Norman Rockwell’s “Abstract and Concrete”, which is a similar concept from 1961.

    There are people who find Rockwell boring. They are missing the point.

    No poem this evening–stay tuned tomorrow. I’m working on it!

    Like the expression on Coracle’s face, and the overall composition of this one!

  2. yippee! A Whalatun! Now I don’t have to hold my breath!
    I want one as a pet though.
    Mommy, Mommy! Get me a whalatun for my birthday!

  3. “Good Coracle frowned and sighed a great sigh
    while the Grinch hunkered down, through a porthole espied
    the great piscine panoply that plunged past our bows
    while me and McDuff made strong silent vows
    to steer clear of these waters in all future years
    and too in the past, for we both felt a fear
    of the wide open water, with denizens wild.
    We’re happy on land, or lakes small and mild
    but the reach of the ocean, it did overwhelm
    despite Coracle’s hold on her rock-steady helm!”

    “And what did my uncle think of this run
    of creatures about? Did he think it fun?”

    “He thought it most marvellous, wonderful, wild,
    he chittered with glee like a be-dazzled child
    and told us that this was why he had come
    to wander the world by himself, all alone:
    to see the great sights, learn to love the whole Earth,
    to make up for time he’d spent with a dearth
    of love and of life and of all the good things
    that are mourned in the songs that the whalatun sing.”

    “He’s a silly old man,” sniffed Cindy-Lou then,
    “Who’s been nothing but trouble since I was ten!
    His leaving and roaming are foolish and daft…
    but tell me, what next, aboard your strange craft?”


    Those whalatun look suspiciously happy! I think they get all their sadness out in in their songs, and live joyous lives otherwise.

    1. Perhaps it’s like the paradox of the smile of the dolphin – who can’t help but smile even when sad because they’re just made that way…
      I’m glad you could see the Grinch looking out the porthole!
      Where indeed!!

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