what if – part 14…

getting cosy

It’s story telling time back at Cindy’s boudoir… This one took a while – there’s a lot of detail! Hope you enjoy!!

As for the others of this series, I’m looking forward to seeing what Tom will write for his humorous accompanying poem in the comments – don’t forget to check it out!!

UPDATE: The poem has been posted in the comments – time to get Cindy out of the house and … well, I’m not sure where exactly…!!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


12 thoughts on “what if – part 14…

  1. Hi Hilary,
    Well I have finally had time to get caught up with the images and story. Facinating direction taken.
    I really love this image, the crazy stack of dishes, and of course “Big” enjoying the fire.

    1. Thanks Leslie! We’ve sure been having fun with it!
      The stack of dishes is another homage to Dr. Seuss – I seem to remember a counting book with lots of improbably stacked items… and of course every Who must have a fireplace!

  2. Ditto what Leslie wrote! And I think the expressions on each of their faces are very telling! My theory is Cindy finds that man very attractive, while that man loves being so attractive to her…

      1. He finds her attraction amusing because he’s a Loof, and the Loof are well-known for their feelings of smug superiority relative to normal humans, or who-mans, as the case may be!

  3. “What a terrible fate for those people to share!
    But how could it help for poor ME to go there?”

    The stranger looked ’round poor Cindy’s boudoir:
    her lush Sherpan carpet, her silken peignoir,
    the hand-woven basket where the little dog Big
    took his ease by the fire while dream-chasing pigs,
    and said, “You could help just because you aren’t poor,
    you’ve all you might want, perhaps even more!
    The people who threaten your uncle and friends
    are richer than rich, and think that their ends
    are sufficient to justify any old thing,
    like charging the Earth for a bed made of string.”

    “They don’t sound so bad, when you put it like that!”
    said Cindy, who purred like a cream-addled cat
    at the thought of a people with wealth beyond measure
    who might be convinced to part with some treasure
    by a wily young woman who knew her way ’round…
    And to travel afar with this man she had found!
    The thought made her giddy with hope and with fear
    that here was a thing to make life less drear!

    “I’ll go with you now!” she said with a nod,
    “I’ll travel the world, so wild and so broad,
    with you and McDuff, to help them all out;
    I’ll do it for free, though I have no doubt
    that something might come from people of wealth:
    a little reward for ensuring their health!
    For I’m sure that the Brogga-dan-oan will all fight,
    so keeping the peace will be good and right
    for all sides of this conflict that you have described…
    come now let us go and get us astride!”

    She swept up her dog while the stranger protested,
    “Both me and McDuff, we have to be rested
    to make the long journey through realms of the dark
    or else we’ll be risking the Trigroba’s bark
    which knocks the unwary whirling through time
    to end in a place of green mud and slime.”

    “Very well, I suppose, then let’s spend the night,
    but we will be off at the very first light!”

    And so in the morning they rode down the road,
    McDuff moving easy beneath his great load
    of Cindy, the stranger, the dog and her packing,
    which seemed to defy all known laws of stacking!

    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe


    I love this image! I was tempted to simply dwell on it in the poem, but opted to try and move the story forward as well. I didn’t manage to get the dishes in, but at least referenced Cindy-Lou’s stacking ability!

    There’s a lot more narration in this one… dunno why exactly. It isn’t typical for me but a bit of variation and change of pace never hurts.

    If you want more of Cindy and the stranger in Whoville or enivrons for the next image feel free–I can always do a flashback from the road in the next poem!

    1. LOVE the poem! (despite a couple of typos lol) I wonder what kind of trouble the fact that Cindy and the stranger have such different motivations will cause… I’m looking forward to illustrating this traveling circus… (makes me think of countries I’ve been where whole families with children and babies ride on a small scooter…

      1. Typos? WhatidIdo, spell “Trigroba” rong? 🙂

        If you can edit the comments feel free to correct them! But don’t point ’em out to me ’cause then they’ll be all I see when I read the poem!

        In any case, glad you like it!

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