what if – part 16…

distorted reality

Time got away from me this week – busy with lots of things so just managing to post the second image from Cindy’s trip on “morse-back” now. I like the way MacDuff and the stranger are at one with the new reality while Cindy’s struggles seem to result in her being (at least partially) sucked into the vortex… This one was fun to draw!

Don’t forget to check the comments in a day or so for Tom’s new poem!

I haven’t posted a link from Cute Overload for a while – check out these two kitties – hilarious!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

5 thoughts on “what if – part 16…

  1. “My hats!” screamed out Cindy! “My fuchsia! Poor Churchill! [*]
    My little dog Big! He’s spun off like a windmill!
    Where are we? What’s happening? What’s going on?”

    The stranger just smiled and gave a small yawn,
    “We’re taking the Way that’s fastest and then
    we’ll pass through the desolate Swampaloose Fen
    where Frobags will dire us with clubs and their spear… [**]
    but other than that there’s not much to fear.
    Now look at the colour of magic that glows
    like fire in the eye of a Dragonimous Rose.” [***]

    “I’d much rather see the colour of money,
    and not watch the world go twisty and runny!”

    “Some people find there’s a beauty involved,
    the Mystery of Mysteries to never be solved.”

    “You’ve stopped making sense! Infinitives split!”

    “Just remain calm and ego your blit.”

    “I’m sensing an eligible action momgrave…”
    said Cindy as everything turned into waves!

    [*] There are a million fuchsia varieties, including one named
    Winston Churchill.
    Don’t ask me how I know this.

    [**] They only have the one, but it’s extremely diresome.

    [***] Rare cross between a rose-bush and a dragon, known for its prickly scales and beautifully petalled flame, according the the Chronicle and Bestiary of Blemish the Singed, the only botantical dragonologist to have encountered one and survived.


    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

    1. Thanks! Yes, I agree and still am hearing the music you suggested for last time in my head, although perhaps something else would be better for this image…

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