what if – part 17…

tribute for the king

I knew that there was a reason all along that the stranger has such a funny hat – its bobbles are valuable in certain places – such as here allowing safe passage (I hope) through this bog-some fen… and yes! they (the Frobags) have clubs and a spear (very fearsome) lol – well they think so. Their lily-pad skirts are part of their bodies and help with wading in the murky water… curious creatures!

Hope you like this one! As with the other horizontal format images, you can see it at a larger scale if you click on it. (Actually you can click on all of them – it just makes more difference with the horizontal ones.)

Looking forward to seeing the next part of the story – which should arrive in the comments soon!

UPDATE: Please check the comments for the new poem! – highly entertaining and with bonus background info from the poet.

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

5 thoughts on “what if – part 17…

  1. When Cindy at last was coherent again
    she saw all around her the Swampaloose Fen
    full of Frobags with clubs and their diresome spear!
    The stranger jumped down, said, “Don’t bother with fear
    for King Frobag and I know each other of old:
    and there isn’t a thing he won’t do for gold!”

    From down off his hat he pulled a bright bobble,
    passed it on to the king with a bow and a wobble
    as he sank in gelatinous muddy dark water
    that caused him to stagger and stumble and totter!

    The frogbags leaned in, all eager to pounce,
    but the king waved them off and spoke with a bounce,
    “His Majesty Frobag, Great King of the same,
    is honoured to welcome you to his domain.
    He gives you the freedom to tarry or pass…
    my goodness, I say, what a fine looking lass!”

    His eye lit on Cindy, high up on McDuff,
    and he told the shocked stranger, “Now ain’t she the stuff!
    I can see you must stay here for quite a few days…
    …err… His Majesty hopes you will linger and laze
    while he and the lady get better acquainted!”

    Said the stranger, “My time shall not be attainted
    by dictate or decree from amphibious kings!”

    But Cindy just laughed and said, “My dear thing!
    I’d love to stay with you, but it seems that I’m needed
    where none of the civilized rules are yet heeded!
    So please let us pass and I promise you when
    my business is done I’ll come back to your fen!”

    The king looked most sad and choked back a tear,
    but bravely replied, “As you wish, my sweet dear!
    But do me the honour of giving a kiss
    to a King who henceforth your beauty will miss!”


    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

    What a fabulous image! The frobag are delightful–I had no idea what they were goint to look like, and their “menacing” spear is perfect. The idea of Cindy bending down to reluctantly smooch King Frobag of the Frobags immediately leapt to mind, especially since I don’t have to actually draw it 😀 (Neither do you, of course, if you can resist!)

    As usual, the reading can be a bit tricky. Jan was suggesting the other day we put together an animated version with voice-over to make it more accessible: not fully animated, but with the images panning and fading into each other. In any case, the line “by dictate or decree from amphibious kings!” should be read with strong emphasis on the second syllable of “dictate”: “by dictATE or decREE…”

    Re-reading this stuff I’m slightly shocked at how frequently I’m using acephalexis and catalexis, but anapests cry out for it (and since I know what all those terms mean and most people don’t, I have a license to do it! “His poetry is doggerel, your poetry is irregular, my poetry is rhythmically rich and complex”!)

    Additional Interesting and Informative Fact: “attainting” is the process by which the Crown seizes property, or at least it was back in the day, by having Parliament issue a “bill of attainder” that declared the subject’s assets Crown property.

    Finally: thrown in at no extra charge, there’s a fairly atrocious quantum pun at the end of the last poem and the beginning of this one, on “coherent”. It’ll be fairly funny to anyone who knows enough about modern interpretations of quantum mechanics to get it, although it doesn’t actually make any sense if you think about it too closely (which is strangely appropriate to the subject matter…)

    Really Finally: Cindy must have some considerable ability to get her own way, having climbed to the top (literally!) of the Mount Crumpet real estate biz (possibly over the bodies of her enemies). I think the King of the Frobags is finding himself on the receiving end of that ability, and he’d better watch out for his crown!

    1. Glad you like the image – I was pretty pleased with this one too! hmmm, the pressure is mounting but I will have to think about the next image and since I was busy tonight (and no not watching hockey although I think everyone else in Montreal was) I may need an extra day to get it together… likely Friday…

      1. I had to ask Tim if Montreal was in the playoffs… Go Habs!

        Looking forward to seeing what you do with the next one!

  2. Love the image, Hilary, the frobags are great….I picture them using their (fearsome) spear by rushing at their foe in concert, using a sort of syncronized swimming movement through the water…..not a really scary image, but somewhat disturbing!
    Can’t wait to see Cindy “sucking face” with the Frobag King [if you choose to illustrate that…you now have two votes in that direction :)]

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