what if – part 18…


Well, King Frobag looks pretty pleased with himself… but I’m not sure about Cindy. I think she may be having mixed feelings. Of course the ring is very pretty (well big anyway) but… what does it mean?? Has she accidentally gotten herself engaged???

Hopefully Tom can sort out the story soon when he sends the next poem into the comments – stay tuned!

UPDATE:  We now have the new poem in the comments – whatever will happen next??

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

4 thoughts on “what if – part 18…

  1. Now our audience knows that we’re most circumspect
    and treat our creations with love and respect:
    so for that reason alone I will pass over lightly
    the kiss between Cindy and King Frobag the Frightly;
    expect I will say, in the annals of time,
    the kiss was high-rated, Top Ten, so sublime
    that Westley woke up, nudged Buttercup’s side,
    and said with a yawn, “We’re starting to slide
    out of the rankings amongst the world’s greatest,
    so roll over my dear and give me your latest!”

    When Cindy recovered her rattled composure
    she said, “Oh my King, we must bring this to closure!
    Some token please give me of your great esteem!
    My head feels like it’s going to split wide at the seams!”

    “It’s all in technique, much like catching flies,”
    said the King a tad smugly, while closing his eyes
    in happy remembrance of that remarkable kiss
    that began with a peck on the cheek but… such bliss!

    He pulled off a ring that glowed brightly with gold
    and gave it to Cindy who thought, “He’s a toad!
    But such a wonderful feeling… could there be more
    to the world than just wealth and great riches galore?”

    “We must soon get moving,” said the stranger, forgotten,
    while McDuff snorted loud: the fenlands smelled rotten
    and something was coming where the Swampaloose lay
    that didn’t bode well if they weren’t on their way.


    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

    1. Oh my! you took the whole kiss thing much further… it’s hilarious! and now I can’t get the image out of my head of that fly-catching tongue… and I am glad to see that Cindy is already starting to learn some meaningful lessons out on the road!

  2. Curiouser and curiouser…..Cindy Lou looks smitten, but whether by King Frobag’s kiss or the golden ring is hard to tell. Tom, you have handled the matter of The Kiss with great delicacy, suitable for a family audience.
    Will she shay with the frobags? will she continue with the stranger?
    One can only await the next installment……

    1. I think the ambiguity is well handled indeed! I’m not sure that Cindy quite knows what’s what right now! Where to go next?? Well, escape may be required! we shall see 😉

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