what if – part 19…

escaping the swamp

Look at that morse go! Well, he needs to go even faster to escape the swamp-thing which seems to be sucking any kind of firm ground into itself!! and what are they escaping to? Is it a mountain? a wall of water?? If you look closely, you can tell that Cindy is looking back – no doubt thinking about her King Frobag… (Don’t forget to click on the picture to get a better view)

We should hear from Tom soon to find out what’s really going on! Check the comments for the next update soon!

UPDATE: Yes – the poem is already here… if you want to find out what’s going on, you’ll have to check in the comments… hint – it’s the long one!!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

12 thoughts on “what if – part 19…

  1. I was thinking Cindy is looking back at the dark water and hoping she does not get sucked in by that giant sponge!

    I love how the morse is stretching!

    1. I’m voting with Hilary on this one–I think it’s a wistful look back toward her vanished King, before she has really had a chance to contemplate the implications of his vanishment.

    1. I think if the abyss opens up its eyes and looks back into Cindy-Loo it’ll be sucked in by an infinite expanse of shiny bright emptiness!

  2. “What is it?” shrieked Cindy as a tearing was heard
    and up ripped an acre of swamp, “That’s absurd!
    The fens are arising like a creature of mud!
    My goodness I do think it’s out for our blood!”

    “The Swampaloose stirs, we’d better skedaddle
    or we’ll be up the creek without so much as a paddle!”
    King Frobag opined, then cried, out, “My dear!
    Don’t doubt that my love is complete and sincere!”
    Then the frobag as one vanished into the fens
    while the stranger and Cindy were caught in the lens
    of the oncoming Swampaloose, flowing on with intent
    to chase them all down and never relent.

    “Get on board,” said the stranger, giving Cindy a hand
    while McDuff gave a chuff and prepared his last stand.
    He reared at the oncoming creature of mud
    then turned and kicked out with an earth-shaking thud!

    Cindy looked back as the morse zoomed away
    but King Frobag had vanished before the affray.
    She held onto the stranger and too onto Big
    who let out a yap as the morse zagged and zigged
    past thickets and pools and copses and spinies
    while the Swampaloose roared and nipped at their heinies!

    But before the dark mud of the swamp monster’s maw
    could gather them up and devour them raw
    they sighted ahead the bones of a tree:
    a huge stump that was scoured and bleached smooth and free
    of any protrusion, yet up the morse flew
    while the Swampaloose roared in its rage and its rue
    and pummelled the base, but it couldn’t climb high
    while at last McDuff paused in a circle of sky
    for the tree had been cut so wide and so flat
    it was fit for a game with a ball and a bat!

    “What WAS that?” asked Cindy when she’d caught her breath.
    “It’s called many things, most of all ‘Certain Death’,”
    said the stranger as he looked out from their perch
    to the island offshore, the goal of their search!

    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

    Having grown up amongst giant trees and the bleached bones of trees washed up on the beach the shape at the edge of the image suggested nothing so much as a huge tree-stump that stands on the edge of the fens, providing a safe place for our friends to escape to. Wood on the beach after a few years tends to get polished smooth by the action of wind and wave, so while magic McDuff can of course climb the sides, the poor Swampaloose is stuck down below, and I think likely to slink off back home.

    Cindy is likely to feel King Frobag’s skiving out on her keenly… maybe she’ll learn something from it!

  3. Frist… almost up a creek…now up a tree…so very much fun to read….did you know there is a German wine called King Frosch? Enjoying the journey!

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