what if – part 20…

"skating" to the island

They are arriving to the island in style! Despite the now infamous kiss from King Frobag, Cindy is getting more snuggly with the stranger… and check out where Big is riding!

A recent comic from Johny Wander will be appreciated by cat lovers everywhere!

As usual the poetic continuation of the story should arrive in the comments soon!

UPDATE: Check the first comment to read the next part of the story!!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

2 thoughts on “what if – part 20…

  1. “We’re trapped up here, aren’t we?” she asked with a sigh;
    a careful observer might have seen in her eye
    a tear that rolled down for her fickle-fond king
    whose love was less potent than a swamp killer-thing.

    “I’ve never been trapped in a place in my life,”
    said the stranger, who whistled like a knife cutting ice
    until Cindy held both of her hands to her ears
    and Big buried his head beneath the dropped tears
    of her house-plant called Churchill, and even McDuff
    seemed to turn to the wind and let his sails luff!

    Then out of the sea a dark angel arose
    a bat-like enigma with a blunt-stubby nose:
    sure-footed McDuff plunged down to the shore
    and took them aboard the swift black Mantikor! [*, **]

    “You’re my hero!” cried Cindy, “My knight, my true saviour!”

    “I’m just an old friend of a Who whose behaviour
    has been such a guide to me all of my days
    that I want to help out, even if in small ways.”

    “Nonetheless, you’re quite something,” she said with a hug
    and cuddled up close while the Mantikor plugged
    through the foam and the waves toward the island afar
    while Big kept an eye out for walrus and gnar.

    As the shoreline came nearer they made out the forms
    of ships high and mighty, all crewed by Gizmorns
    who served the cruel slavers who’d hunted and found
    the Broga-dan-oan and the birds whose great sound
    had greeted the stranger that day once upon
    when he and the Grinch had landed at dawn.


    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

    [*] Yeah, I know what a Manticore looks like. This is a MantiKOR, ok? :-p

    [**] Homeric reference alert!

    1. Ah, love that’s less potent than a swamp killer-thing lol
      I guess the ships are on the other side of the island… you can’t see them from here! lol
      Thanks Tom – that was fast!!

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