what if – part 21…

all we are saying...

Arriving at the island, Cindy and the Stranger find the Grinch in the midst of negotiations – somewhere along the way he’s turned into an aging hippy! and he’s attempting Gandhi style passive resistance – at least that’s how I think it might be but I’m not writing the story! Let’s see what Tom comes up with when he sends the next part. I have a feeling this might just be coming to some kind of satisfactory conclusion soon!

UPDATE: And yes, the next poem is here in the comments! Check it out πŸ˜€

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

10 thoughts on “what if – part 21…

  1. When the stranger and Cindy at last reached the shore
    through thickets of ships and the surf’s fearsome roar
    they came on the Grinch wrapped with a bandana
    sitting peacefully there in quiet sukhasana,
    while on either side the disputants arrayed:
    the Gizmorn in their armour, the birds all displayed
    in plumage so bright while the Broga-dan-oan
    pleaded their case for a place of their own:

    “We’re peaceable folk who mean nobody harm
    but we’ll no longer serve as slaves on your farms!”

    “We’ll give you no choice, unless you’d rather die!”
    came the gruffly and gruntly Gizmornan reply.
    “You cannot expect us to do all the work
    while here on your island you lazy folk shirk!”

    “Yet sowing and reaping aren’t such a great strain,”
    said the Grinch as he traced out the mark of a crane
    or a dove or perhaps some quite different bird
    that speaks out for peace but rarely is heard.

    “This armour won’t hammer itself, don’t you know!
    We need slaves on the land so our army can go
    and fight off our enemies, like these Broga-dan-oan,
    and the birds who have fled from the people who own
    their feathers and songs and all of their eggs,
    their flight and their flesh, right down to their legs!”

    “So you don’t have time to build and create
    because your army needs-must be bigger than great
    so it can suppress just those peaceful folk
    who do all the work while your country is broke?”
    asked the Grinch with the smile that economist’s make
    when pointing out armies never give, only take.

    “Well when you say it like that it sounds rather dumb,”
    the Gizmornan replied with a grunt that was rum.

    “It looks like I needn’t have come here at all,”
    whispered Cindy as now the Broga stood tall
    and said: “If you wish you can cut us all down
    but we will not serve in your fields or your town.
    Then you’ll be without helpers, we’ll be without lives,
    everyone loses when things are settled with knives.”

    “You might still be of help,” the stranger told Cindy,
    “For here’s where the talks get rough-ragged and windy!”

    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe


    I think this might be where Cindy’s heart undergoes that sudden growth-spurt that seems to run in her family, and she takes centre stage to convince the Gizmorn of the benefits of peace and creativity over war and destructivity (as I think it’s called.)

    I couldn’t resist the economics spin, of which you’re going to hear much more for the Next Thing. πŸ™‚

    It may or may not be true that war is wrong–people have such weird ideas of right and wrong that that’s a hard argument to make. But it is certainly true that war is stupid, and we can prove that mathematically! It’s a case where Orwell’s observation that “freedom is the freedom to say 2 + 2 = 4… grant that, and everything else follows” is particularly germane. Grant 2 + 2 = 4 and you will eventually conclude that only a moron would advocate war. Having been such a moron when younger I try not to miss an opportunity to make the correct case… none so zealous as the converted, and all that!

    1. Well, technically it’s a dhoti but we’ll let that slide since you have such a great rhyme for sukhasana! lol
      I love the Grinch waxing lyrical with an economic argument – seems just the right touch!
      So, it’s time for Cindy’s heart to “grow three sizes that day” lol – let’s see…

      1. Thanks! The alternative rhyme was “banana”, which I really couldn’t figure out how to work in, although when Gandhi was in his deepest vegetarian phase bananas were big on his menu, so I worked for a while on that angle, but it took the story too far afield, especially given how I feel about bananas. The list of other alternatives started with “hosanna” and went downhill from there…

        Looking forward to seeing the next image. This one is hugely fun in so many ways, from hippie-Grinch to those wonderfully piggy Gizmorns.

      2. Well, could have been lotus and dhotus… lol
        Yes, I just found out that Gandhi was a fruitarian for about 5 years… even plants aren’t killed in this extreme form of vegetarianism!

  2. Love the depiction of Uncle G as a Ghandian figure…and I also enjoyed the method of conveyance of McDuff and passengers to the island. Very imaginative!
    I feel we are approaching an important moment of truth for Cindy, and for the Gizmorns and their victims…..how will it end?: the suspence is painful…

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