what if – part 22…

Cindy's small heart grew three sizes that day...

I’m hoping that the Gizmorn will feel that attacking is now much too much trouble since the chance of others getting involved is rapidly becoming assured! and Big is showing some character too – not just a lap dog anymore!

I think that we’re getting very close to the exciting conclusion of our “what if” tale. Be sure to check back to read the poem when it arrives in the comments!

UPDATE: Yes! It’s here!! Read the comments for the story 🙂

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

6 thoughts on “what if – part 22…

  1. The Gizmorn had a confab, much grunting ensued,
    then their leader returned with his helmet askewed
    while his nose turned bright pink in the tropical sun
    though he spoke with the smile of a pig who has won:

    “My colleagues and I have seen through your ruse!
    You’re weak and you’re idle! You’ll do as we choose!”

    Cindy saw in a moment the Broga would scatter–
    although they were many it just wouldn’t matter
    if one at a time the Gizmorn hunted down
    each Broga alone while the birds flew around.

    That’s when Cindy’s heart, like her uncle’s before,
    grew bigger, three sizes, perhaps even more!
    She felt all the love and the hope that she’d missed
    before this adventure, King Frobag’s deep kiss,
    and the quantum excursion through realms all unknown,
    the Swampaloose chase and sea’s wavy foam…

    She grabbed the first Broga who happend at hand
    and said, “No you don’t! For united we stand!
    Your armour and weapons, your hooves and your tusks…
    nothing can stand ‘gainst our Solidarnosc!

    The Broga-dan-oan were stunned but not slow–
    they linked up their arms and stood all in a row
    with Cindy as anchor and Big by her side
    while the Gizmornan leader, he chuffed and he cried,
    “We’ll trample you over and chew on your bones,
    your fate will be sung in the Whaletun moans!”

    “Look around you!” said Cindy, “You’re missing it all,
    with your warring and looting and your dreams very small!
    You can kill us all here and we’ll die with a smile
    for your miserable lives will be worse by a mile.
    Instead you can open your minds to a chance
    of living at peace, taking part in the dance
    of creation and building and freeing your hearts…
    just take the first step, all you need is a start!”

    The Gizmornan leader was taken aback
    but rather than charge he gave her some slack,
    and asked in a curious tone, “What could be
    better than roaming and killing for me?”

    “What wouldn’t?” asked Cindy, and knew she had won:
    Gizmorn couldn’t deal with a foe who don’t run!
    “Look at this island! You could trade here and come
    as tourists who lie on the beach and drink rum!”

    The Gizmo’s consulted each other again
    while Cindy looked ’round for the stranger and then
    with growing confusion and growing dismay
    realized that his morse was trotting away!

    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe


    1. wow! amazing to fit all this plot and character development into a poem! Thanks again Tom for catching the nuances of a moment and making them fit the drawings so well! … as well, it is nicely starting to wrap up everything by reminding us of the whole process she’s gone through – fabulous!

  2. Yeah Broga’s…..I knew you could do it!
    For my part, I think that Big can take some credit for the fact there was any size of heart at all inside Cindy through the “mean years”…..

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