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new doodle – watching…

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so near and yet so far...

Our kitties both like to hang out in the windows and watch the birds… and the birds seem to know that the cats can’t reach them because they keep chirping in a taunting kind of way. No end of entertainment – better than tv!

I can’t resist linking this kitties playing soccer video link in the spirit of the World Cup and all. The reflexes on that goal tender are pretty amazing – even when she scores on herself! – very cute.

UPDATE: This from Tom Radcliffe in the comments (c) 2010

The cat of simple colours waits
for birds to land upon her plate
although the screen is in the way
she’ll wait and wait, she has all day!

The birds in cloaks of feathers fine
tweet and twitter, stealing twine
for nests where chicks will grow and thrive
to keep the cycle long alive.

For cats will hunt and birds will flit
in nature’s dance that’s ever lit
by suns and moons up in the sky
where off the little birds will fly
while cats find places by the fire
or to their owner’s beds retire
to cuddle up and get their rest
and dream of birdies in their nests

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


today’s doodle…

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mischief brewing...

Well, I wonder what he’s planning looking so innocent…

Recently I have been very busy so I am just occasionally posting these little doodles.  In a few weeks, I hope to be able to make up for it by introducing you to the new material I am working on but in the meantime, posts will be a bit sparse and doodle-y.

Here’s a funny one from Patches for anyone who’s finding it a bit hot lately… or who has an irrational desire to keep an inappropriate pet… enjoy!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

new doodle!…

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Well, I knew I was going to be busy but this is crazy! Anyway, this is the first chance I’ve had in a while to post… and just a silly little doodle – but check out the background. I had some fun with the swirly bits.

I’ve been letting the kitties out on the balcony to smell the flowers – careful! You really can’t catch that bird – and we’re four storeys up! When I saw this kitty on Cute Overload it reminded me why I really shouldn’t add catnip to the mix of the balcony planters… and anyway, you can never see too many cute cats! Maybe I will doodle some cats next time.

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

random face…

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thinking about things...

Well, the last story has wrapped up and it will be a little while before there’s a new narrative to follow. In the meantime, I will (while starting work on the Next Thing) try to keep regularly posting some doodles and thoughts. I think I will be doodling faces for a bit since drawing expressive faces will be a very useful skill for the next project too. I will likely also be experimenting with different techniques and trying to find ways to be quicker and get some more creative effects.When it is time, I will definitely give some notice about the new project and perhaps some sneak peeks – I am quite excited about it. It will be great fun to work on and I hope you will find it fun to read and look at too!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

what if – part 23 – grand finale!

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Cindy's Bar & Grill, and Snorkeling Emporium!

Well, here we are… Some Time later… It looks like Cindy has set herself up nicely and peaceful relations are well established. And look – here comes Coracle for a visit!

This is the last one in the series and it took a while to put together – I hope you enjoy! It is a larger picture than usual so be sure to click on it to see all the details! I will be going back to something simpler for a while on the blog after this… and there is a new upcoming project which I start doing doodles and sketches for soon.

There may be a slight delay in receiving the final part of our story since our poet is a bit busy this week but check back starting Thursday – I’m sure it will tie all the loose threads together in a most hilarious and satisfying way!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

UPDATE: You’ll find the final poem in the comments – and I’m sure you’ll love it!