what if – part 23 – grand finale!

Cindy's Bar & Grill, and Snorkeling Emporium!

Well, here we are… Some Time later… It looks like Cindy has set herself up nicely and peaceful relations are well established. And look – here comes Coracle for a visit!

This is the last one in the series and it took a while to put together – I hope you enjoy! It is a larger picture than usual so be sure to click on it to see all the details! I will be going back to something simpler for a while on the blog after this… and there is a new upcoming project which I start doing doodles and sketches for soon.

There may be a slight delay in receiving the final part of our story since our poet is a bit busy this week but check back starting Thursday – I’m sure it will tie all the loose threads together in a most hilarious and satisfying way!

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

UPDATE: You’ll find the final poem in the comments – and I’m sure you’ll love it!

10 thoughts on “what if – part 23 – grand finale!

  1. Cindy Loo looks like she’s in charge! Beautiful fish under the water, at the bottom of the image. Can’t wait to read the final poem…

  2. It took her some years before it was built:
    a eco-resort full of huts up on stilts
    where Broga and birdies were frequently seen
    with Gizmornan tourists and sometimes a Bleen.
    For the rule Cindy made was “Peace is the thing”
    and she let the Whos keep all their beds made of string
    while importing hammocks from that far off town
    where the people where happy with never a frown.

    Her uncle stayed close and taught the guests yoga,
    the birds taught them singing, and dancing by Broga,
    until the world over Cindy’s Place was so famous
    she had nothing to do but kick the odd ignoramus
    off the dock when they got a bit tipsy and forward
    for Cindy seemed never to turn her gaze shoreward
    but stared out to sea as if she expected
    someone to come riding the foam unaffected
    by years and by distance; she knew in her heart
    that when that occurred a new adventure would start.

    “You know, little Big, life is good, life is grand,
    but oh do I wonder what became of that man.”

    Just then somewhere else, in a far remote time
    the stranger rode on through the Vale of Slubime,
    but he spoke to his morse, saying “Lead on McDuff!
    I’ve been parted from her for too long. It’s enough!”

    Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe


    A short and hopefully sweet ending: the picture says so much that I hardly need to add anything!

    This has been vastly fun, and I’m really looking forward to the Next Thing!

    1. Wonderful final instalment – thanks Tom!! So nice to hear that they may get together after all 😉 and it would seem peace in our time is possible – if perhaps only in small pockets 😀
      Onward ho!!

  3. Well, a most satifying conclusion. I am so glad tht you included one more image of Coracle…and great to see a Gizmoran and a Broga sharing a cold one! Tom, thanks for the wonderful, musical poetry.
    Hilary I have so enjoyed these imaginative, goofy, and beautiful creatures, and I feel lonely for them already. Happily, I can always return by way of your blog to this world where anything, even peace, is possible.

    1. Thanks Les! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! We had a lot of fun too and we will be collaborating again. In the meantime, there will be more random doodles but hopefully still fun!

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