new doodle!…


Well, I knew I was going to be busy but this is crazy! Anyway, this is the first chance I’ve had in a while to post… and just a silly little doodle – but check out the background. I had some fun with the swirly bits.

I’ve been letting the kitties out on the balcony to smell the flowers – careful! You really can’t catch that bird – and we’re four storeys up! When I saw this kitty on Cute Overload it reminded me why I really shouldn’t add catnip to the mix of the balcony planters… and anyway, you can never see too many cute cats! Maybe I will doodle some cats next time.

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


2 Responses to “new doodle!…”

  1. LOL! Speaking of Cute Overload, this cat is worth seeing too:

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