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kelp dreams…

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kelp forest... well, glade

More water and creatures… hope you like!

UPDATE: From Tom in the comments a lovely poetic evocation of exactly the feeling I was trying to achieve with the image…

Follow down to twilight dusk
where the fish and kelp-crabs dwell
past the shipwreck’s empty husk
deep beneath the surface swell

Out of airy sunlit waters
down to where the holdfasts cling
where abyssal secret creatures
listen as the mermaids sing

Here beneath the floating fronds
live the denizens of yore
letting slip the surly bonds
protected from the tidal bore

Tangled in the kelpen strands
catching plankton from the flow
that rises up from secret lands
deeper darkness down below

Caught between the day and night
living balanced on the tide
neither of the dark nor light
here they live and here they hide

From the pirate gulls above
from the Krakens of the deep
safe in Ocean’s boundless love
safe within this cloistered keep

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


raccoon day…

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mmm...but that looks even more delicious...

I seem to be continuing my current theme of animals and water… Raccoons are a species notorious for being clever with their “hands”. At our family cottage we used to keep the garbage in a bin… then we changed to a barrel with a tightly screwed on lid… then we added two concrete blocks on top. Each time, the raccoons figured out how to get access to our yummy-to-them left-overs. I’ve pictured the one above in a more pristine setting getting ready to wash and eat some watery delicacy.

UPDATE: This in from TR in the comments… If you want to hear more about his own raccoon adventures, read about it in the comments!

It isn’t easy keeping track
of all the splendid places
where a coon might find a snack
or berries hung in braces

from long vines near water’s edge
where washing on the rocks
can be performed while near the hedge
that hides you from the flocks

of humans who come gawking close
all clumsy and profane
to stick their long and ugly nose
into the coon’s domain

of water, stone and bushes deep
the secret forest places
where a cuddly coon might sleep
safe from human traces.

poem (c) Tom Radcliffe 2010

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

sea otter…

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..but whatever could that be!

Sea otters are so cute! but this one does seem a bit worried about something. For facts on these engaging creatures, such as that sea otters have the densest fur of all mammals at 100,000 hairs per square inch! … check out this site.

I have a bit of an seaside theme going the last few posts and I’m trying different techniques for the water… no doubt more to come!

UPDATE: This just in from Tom in the comments! Thanks Tom!

The otter watches, drifting by
while gulls and scaups across the sky
wheel in gyres and flocks afeather
through the fog and misty weather
where a form is looming large…
a ship, perhaps, caught in the marge
of currents turning, twisting, strong
where the otter lazes long
upon his back in furry peace
watching while like flapping geese
sailors pull the sails around
to keep the ship from touching ground
but windless skies leave all aslack
while the otter on its back
watches human comedy
then slips away through peaceful seas.

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

tidal pool…

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star fish...

This is meant to look like a tidal pool. All kinds of fauna can be in the pools left behind when the tide goes out – in this case a star fish may be perhaps a bit lonely until the tide brings the ocean back and some new fishy friends…

I was trying to get a painterly texture here and I think that part is fairly successful – the pool doesn’t look as wet as I wanted though… practice, practice…

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer