Hai Zi, mystic poet – to face the sea…

and have flowers in spring...

From tomorrow on, be a happy man
Raise horses, chop wood, see the world.
From tomorrow on, care about food and vegetables
I will have a house, facing the sea, and flowers in spring.

From tomorrow on, write to all my family
Tell them of my happiness
This spark of joy, its message
I will let everyone know

Give every river, every mountain, a warm name

You too, stranger, I wish you the best
Wish you a brilliant future
Wish you everlasting love
Wish you happiness in this world

Me, I just want to face the sea, and have flowers in spring.

Hai Zi

海 子

从 明 天 起 , 做 一 个 幸 福 的 人
喂 马 , 劈 柴 , 周 游 世 界
从 明 天 起 , 关 心 粮 食 和 蔬 菜
我 有 一 所 房 子 , 面 朝 大 海 , 春 暖 花 开
从 明 天 起 , 和 每 一 个 亲 人 通 信
告 诉 他 们 我 的 幸 福
那 幸 福 的 闪 电 告 诉 我 的
我 将 告 诉 每 一 个 人
给 每 一 条 河 每 一 座 山 取 一 个 温 暖 的 名 字
陌 生 人 , 我 也 为 你 祝 福
愿 你 有 一 个 灿 烂 的 前 程
愿 你 有 情 人 终 成 眷 属
愿 你 在 尘 世 获 得 幸 福
我 只 愿 面 朝 大 海 , 春 暖 花 开

This is a very different style from my usual but I thought it suited this simple yet wistful poem. Haizi is a 20th century Chinese poet with a sad story…

Unfortunately, I don’t have the name of the translator/poet for this English version.

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


sea lions! and their mating habits…

...and I claim this territory for... me!

Coming back again to the theme of animals and water… some sea lions for your pleasure… and maybe after this something completely different!

I was taking a look at what else was out there for sealions and art and found a couple of nice links. There’s a lovely slightly abstract screen print on this page. You’ll have to scroll down and there are four of sea mammals in the second last row. The second link is a different idea of sealions and art – but it does beg the question – why are these creatures in captivity again??

UPDATE: New poem from TR in comments! Wonderfully imagined sea lion dynamics… caution – some slightly racy content!!

“I say!” Sir Gronk said by his wives,
“Aren’t I splendid fellow?
So grand in form, so bluff and fat,
So magisterial!”

“So irritating,” muttered one;
“So pompous,” said the other,
“A bully and a bore besides,
though not too bad a lover.”

“Oh please,” the first replied to this,
“He’s nothing like my ex:
that bull could ride, I’ll give him that,
to very fine effects.”

“The one who dumped you for those cows
who gave him pups a plenty?
The last I heard he had sixteen,
or maybe it was twenty!”

“Hurrumph,” was all the first replied,
“Quality’s what matters,
not quantity! Now let’s go fish
before he gets much fatter!”

They slipped and slid into the sea,
whose waters made them welcome,
then off they swirled to find a meal
according to their dictum.

Meanwhile Sir Gronk said, “Aren’t I fat
And in such splendid form?
I say, where have they vanished to?
Oh well, the sun is warm!”

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

Cindy Loo You!

I am delighted that my friend, Tom Radcliffe and I have set up – well mostly Tom – a website for our experimental work, Cindy Loo You, (formerly “What if”) which evolved on this blog in a very jazz-like way. We have done some tweaking and formatting and there is new material… It will be even more fun and easy to read with the images and poems together on each page. The posting schedule is twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays so check it out regularly!

We are also working on a Brand New Project! More information to come…

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


whoooo goes there???

I wouldn’t like to give that owl the wrong password!

I was messing around with the filters on my drawing and this is the result. I am not sure that I prefer the effect in general but for this owl it seems to give a nice texture. I removed the texture from the eyes and tongue to keep them glossy looking. (Thanks for the idea my friend!) Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think!

In the meantime, check out this comic from Nedroid… He’s got my training program at the moment beautifully expressed! (Well, minus the hover text – lol)

UPDATE: This just in – new poem from Tom in the comments capturing the essence of owlness…

In every wood there are a few who watch:
the Guardians, who stand before the gates
where forest touches field.

Old Owl is one, sharp-eyed and sharp of beak,
who challenges the night with screeching calls,
stands firm and will not yield.

The secrets of the trees are safe and sound
while Owl watches all that moves below
her high arboreal lair.

Then she takes wing and falls in silent flight
across the dusky sky to dawn patrol
the Portals of the Air.

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

ANOTHER UPDATE: Do check the comments if you think you might be amused by another poem from Tom – this one in comic free verse form… I think it’s just been invented…

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer