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the raven…

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This would be my Halloween post. There’s a scene in a Terry Pratchett book with a raven sitting on a skull – because that’s so appropriate… as I remember it, the raven was terribly bored. I think this one is practising saying “nevermore” to while away the idle hours of skull-sitting… but he’s very atmospheric!

This week everyone should check out  Machine of Death and buy the book!… A number of my favourite webcomic writers and artists participated in this project/anthology but my most favourite is of course Tom Radcliffe, friend, writer, poet, physicist and frequent contributor to this blog. As well, we have done a silly illustrated story/graphic novel together – well, graphic epic poetry thing called Cindy Loo You (don’t forget to read it!) and have another more webcomic-like project in the works.

UPDATE: From Tom in the comments a very atmospheric poem to go with the image! Enjoy!!

This midnight bird is deeply boring into questions, quandaries soaring
high above his cranial perch where he studies arcane lore:
to catch a poet lightly sleeping, tossing in his dreams and weeping,
where on wings of darkness sweeping comes a raven with a roar
of his mantra, “Nevermore.”

Through the passages of sleep runs the poet far and deep
where Alph the sacred river ran to reach some subterranean shore
whose beaches host the scattered bones of long extinct and ancient poems,
souls of songs whose words have flown, music lost without a score;
quoth the poet, “Nevermore.”

There beside the death of dreams he wades into Alph’s sacred stream
and drinks the waters of forgetting while above the raven soars:
dark on blackness always calling; turning, rising, ever falling,
as the poet’s mind is mauling memories that form his core,
soft repeating, “Nevermore.”

Then a tapping rap erupts to break the dream and interrupt
the poet’s loss of all he is to find a raven at his door
who hops upon his desktop skull where a bird might sit and mull
the human mind’s hard bony hull, hiding brain both hind and fore.
Quoth the raven, “Nevermore!”

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


love birds…

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give us a kiss...

Another bird doodle…

I recently discovered an amusing historical gem among webcomics… Check out Hark, a vagrant ! and keep an open mind – history was never this funny…

UPDATE: From Tom in the comments, a poem about an older couple (of birds) who had never told each other properly they loved each other… sad and sweet…

“This old branch has seen some things
across the vale of years:
the flocks of fall and flights of spring,
hasn’t it my dear?”

“Don’t be daft, of course it has!
You always say those words
before we fly off to La Paz [*]
in coloured airborne herds”

“Yet still it’s true, and we’ve took part,
so many of those seasons,
since those days, when young at heart
we listened to love’s reasons.”

“Love’s reasons and my father’s beak–
–me in the family way–
it seems to me you didn’t speak
except ‘I do’ to say!”

“That’s just why I’m saying now
it hasn’t been so bad,
this life with you, although we row,
and sometimes I am sad.”

“Well that’s a faint and damning praise!
How do you really feel?
Don’t stint your words or miss a phrase:
what’s in your heart for real?”

“What’s in my heart? It’s full of love.
That’s what I’m trying to tell:
more than mourning fills a dove,
with love for you I swell.
We’ve flown through storms that scattered flocks
yet always found each other,
up on the hills or down by docks
I’ve always found my lover.”

“Well… I… What…? Who…?
That is, I think I mean!
Well, then, my dear, let’s bill and coo,
until it’s time to dream!”

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

getting cozy…

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more experiments with birds, colour and texture… and cuteness!

I saw a post recently with a surreal blend of ruined architecture in a jungle… kind of Escher goes to Angkor Wat. If the description seems intriguing check it out!

UPDATE: This in from Tom in the comments!

Err… squawk? Hello!
My name is Pam!
And this here is my brother Sam!
We’re in this tree, he is, I am!
Our mother calls us little lambs

Which doesn’t really make much sense
We’re parakeets… boy is she dense!
But we love her anyway
‘Cause she feeds us lots each day!

We’re getting bigger, Sam and me,
So someday soon we’ll leave this tree
And fly like Mom and Dad, so free!

Meantime we poke our heads out here
To watch for danger far and near
Though Sam is scared I never fear!

But it’s time now for our nap
So we’ll just go and snuggle back
Into our warm and cozy nest
Enjoy your day while we both rest!

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

parakeet doodle…

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showing his colours...


I did this doodle on the train on my way home for Thanksgiving (yes Canadian). The jiggly motion of the train explains the especially loose and open quality. I was originally thinking I would touch it up when I got to firmer ground but I decided that I like it this way – it reminds me of the motion of the train ride.

I remember once when sketching on a trip in Portugal, the wind whipped the paper causing a jagged pen line across my drawing.  At first I was annoyed but whenever I look at that drawing I am transported back to the hilltop and the feeling of the wind in my hair as I sketched that church.

UPDATE: New poem from Tom in the comments – thanks Tom!!

Squaaawk! I am a rusty hinge
flying through the air well-singed
with cries of parakeets a-binged
on fruits and nuts from orchard’s fringe!

We flock in floods above the Earth
swoop down wherever there’s a dearth
of colour or of tropic mirth
then off we fly for all we’re worth!

Maybe eagles are more proud
and geese and ducks form bigger crowds
while swans are stately in their shrouds
but parakeets are bright and loud!

For all the sky is ours to roam
an open airy peaceful home
beside the ocean edged with foam
our fight is motion’s endless poem!

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

pretty bird…

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long tailed bird


After drawing several creatures of the sea, I thought I might try a few of the sky… This one is a “doctor bird”. I wonder what this little guy is looking so askance at!

I hope you like the new style. I’ve started using a Chinese brush (digital of course) and the effect is quite pleasant I think!

UPDATE: New from Tom in the comments a hilarious poetic response to the image!

It’s awfully high up on this branch!
You too, you too, would look askance
if you’d landed way up here
then realized you have a fear
of heights!

I think that I’ll just take a breath
forget the plunge of certain death
that awaits beneath these things
upon my back: could they be wings?
So light!

Of course! Now I remember what
they are, I am. I just forgot!
Some days I drive myself insane
I’m such a silly goose bird-brain!

You see the problem is my tail,
it’s huge and elegant: I sail
through the skies so gracefully
but my brain’s distastefully
a mite!

So now and then I do forget
just who I am or why I’m wet
when I flutter in a bath
but I look gorgeous on the path
of flight!

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer