happy holidays!


A very quick seasonal doodle! I was going to do another instead – something with cardinals or some such but decided that after all, I like the idea of Christmas being represented by a kissing (or about to be kissing) couple rather than cold, red birds! So, I wish you a smoochy Christmas and a loving New Year!

UPDATE: A lovely sonnet just in from Tom gives voice to the story my picture implies!

Beneath the mistletoe he turns to mention
something of great moment in his mind
when he feels a sudden yearning tension
pulling him to think about the vine
that hangs above them representing love
between two people such as they might be
until she jostles him, a gentle shove,
to open up his eyes and truly see
her standing there, impatient on his arm
looking deeply with her loving eyes
while he stumbles, tangled by her charms:
he’s always known what he’s just realized.
Their kiss begins without an end in sight
To last a lifetime, and a winter’s night

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


pretty girl…

pretty girl

Once again trying something different with layers and textures… Hope you like it!

This may be a bit of escapism from the early snow and cold we have been “enjoying” already…

UPDATE: From Tom in the comments, a sonnet… which may make you look at the picture differently.

Eyes of innocence observe the scene
through grassy stalks: the rites of springtime may
be misinterpreted the first time seen
by virgins who have yet to boldly stray
into those woods of pleasure and deceit
that lurk beyond the garden’s grassy wall
where satyrs chase their willing prey’s retreat
though the sunlit corridors and halls
of Pan’s dominion where the truth will out
that pleasures of the spirit may be great
but pleasures of the flesh–beyond a doubt–
can justify the body’s mortal fate.
In innocence and wisdom still she knows
That down those paths she will one day go.

(c) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

(cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer

Elizabethan dude…

looking at... something...

Just a random doodle today… not sure what he’s gazing at. Maybe just striking a pose?

UPDATE: A sonnet from Tom for the Elizabethan… contemplating more than what’s above.

This ivory pillar, holding high the dome
of intellect and reason so sublime,
might be parted yet, as we from Rome
are parted by our Queen’s great Right Divine.
Expose the neck and cast the eye to Heaven
where God is dwelling high with angels bright
while here below we wait for Seal Seven
to open up: release the dead to fight.
Wars and rumours slither through the land
unrest and plague make Armageddon known:
the time soon comes for Englishmen to stand
for or against the Queen upon Her throne.
How might it feel to have my neck exposed
to treason’s axe in revolution’s throes?

Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer


so colourful!

In honour of Cindy Loo, which posted the final episode today, here’s a parrot I drew a little while ago as a study for some of the birds in the story. Hope you like it and in case you haven’t checked lately – go read Cindy Loo! I love the ending!! There – it’s linked twice – you can’t miss it! 😀

UPDATE: This just in from Tom… and now there are three links to CLY!!

With wings outspread as if adorning
pavilions of the sky
the parrot swoops through golden morning
drawing every eye.

We stand below in cloaks uncoloured
awe-struck by nature’s clothes
that make designers look like dullards
filling racks in rows.

Behold the bird in all its glory
winging through the air
reminding all to read the story
hope to see you there!


Copyright (C) 2010 Tom Radcliffe

image (cc) 2010 Hilary Farmer