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Thinking about things...

Time to post something new for the new year!

The start of a new year seems like the right time think about things – looking backward to look forward or something like that. I am happy that this blog has given me a forum to experiment and show my work and I definitely plan to continue over the coming year. I have a number of other creative projects underway and in the works (maybe too many!) Perhaps if there’s one thing to focus on this year, it’s having a better balance between all aspects of life – most of us could use some of that – I know I could!

Here’s a short poem about poetry – in particular, the poetry of a certain Tang Dynasty Chinese monk named Han Shan – as interpreted by the American poet, Peter Stambler… It seems about right for a cold winter day…enjoy!

The Uses of Poetry

To join happy men, collect Han Shan’s poems,
More sonorous, more savory than a morning’s sutras.

With bamboo shoots, pin them to your cracked walls.
Read them over in the evenings, keeping out the cold.

image (cc) 2011 Hilary Farmer


6 thoughts on “meditative doodle…

  1. To smile each day, see Hilary’s blog,
    More colourful, more whimsical than softly swirling snow


    Lovely picture, and Stambler has really captured the simple yet evocative rhythms of the best Chinese poetry.

  2. So, of course I’m flattered you like the poem. There are several in the book I am still fond of. These days I’m doing more with photography and travel writing. You’re welcome to see in Letters from Orestes. Go to It’s good to meet you.

    1. So pleased that you dropped by!
      Sorry for the long delay in approving and replying to your comment. I have just returned after spending some time in China. It is still possible to see and understand the inspiration of the ancient poets although often it is necessary to imagine away the modern layers of development…

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